My Materials

My Materials

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Your products inventory from your raw materials

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Always in sync

Every time you sell a cupcake, My Materials knows exactly how much butter and eggs leave your inventory, and updates your cupcakes inventory


Analyse your real inventory. Understand costs and profits. Make data-driven decisions

Focus on making

No more overselling, no more running out of raw materials, it's all about your business!

Su My Materials

My Materials (ex-ReadyPantry) removes the hassle of tracking your raw materials' inventory and your profitability per product

What does My Materials do?

  • Link the products you sell on Shopify to your raw materials (bill of materials)
  • When orders come in, My Materials automatically updates your raw materials inventory
  • My Materials then updates your Shopify inventory so you never oversell!

Who is My Materials built for?

  • Restaurants, bakeries and food businesses
  • Flower shops
  • Jewellery Stores, Arts and craft, manufacturers
  • Box curators
  • And many more!

How do you benefit from My Materials?

  • No more overselling, no more excel spreadsheets, no more late nights working out if you have enough raw materials to complete your orders

  • Have an accurate inventory for your products based on your raw materials inventory

  • Automate your raw materials inventory tracking process

  • Make insights-based future decisions

  • Gain time: Spend less time manually tracking your inventory, and create purchase orders

  • Insights: Visibility of each ingredient's history and theft and waste prevention

  • Price better: Track product profitability based on materials' costs

  • Plan ahead: Be notified by e-mail on low stock to never run out of raw material, oversell, and be in control

What are the features?

  • Our system is built with your store in mind: easily input the "recipe" and we take care of the stock counts, inventory and product profitability

  • Unlimited SKUs (product variants) synced in real-time

  • Unlimited number of raw materials tracked

  • Real-time syncing of your orders

  • Automatic import and updates of your products and variants

  • Create your purchase orders and track your suppliers

  • Track all events of your inventory (recount, damage, theft, waste, stock received, loss, return)

  • Track your raw material in any unit: Count, weight (kg, pounds etc...), volume (litres, cups etc...) or length (centimetres, inches etc...)

  • Use decimal values up to the 0.001 for ultimate accuracy

  • Financial value of your inventory

  • Customisable e-mail alerts on low stocks

  • Instantly visualize how many products you can sell based on your raw material inventory

  • Bulk import your raw materials and bill of materials in one click

  • CSV export of raw materials

  • Mobile-friendly, accessible everywhere

  • Dashboard to oversee all changes within your inventory

  • E-mail support in English and French

  • Multi-currency support

What do you need to do to set it up?

  • My Material automatically sync with your Shopify products

  • Add your raw materials

  • Link your raw materials to your products

  • That's it!

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  • 200 SKUs (product variants)
  • 20 Raw Materials
  • 200 orders/month
  • Unlimited users
  • Data-driven insights and profitability
  • Custom email alerts

Premium Pantry


  • 1200 SKUs (product variants)
  • 200 Raw Materials
  • 900 orders/month
  • Unlimited users
  • Insights and profitability
  • Custom email alerts

Big Pantry


  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited Raw Materials
  • Unlimited orders
  • Unlimited users
  • Data-driven insights
  • Custom email alerts
  • Update of Shopify Inventory

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Le recensioni più recenti

Kestrel Shade

· Keeps track of raw materials that are used in varying amounts on different products.
· You can set up email warnings when stock runs low.
· Excellent customer service.
· You can see at a glance the value of the raw materials you are holding. · I was very relieved to find this app as Shopify’s inventory support isn’t advanced enough for what I need. ReadyPantry allows me to keep track of fabric lines even though I use the same fabric in varying different amounts on different products. It takes account of all product sales using a particular product and you can setup an email warning for when that material is low. Takes the guesswork and/or the pain of regular stocktaking away. If you are already running a business and have lots of products & raw materials there is a bulk upload option using a spreadsheet. Personal tip – if you’re using a mac don’t bother using the ‘Numbers’ app for the upload – it’s just not functional enough – GoogleDocs is far better and much closer in functionality to Excel. Customer service is excellent – they respond quickly, are extremely helpful and take suggestions on board. I've only been using it a week and already a number of my asks have been added.
I can finally think about going live :-)

Risposta dello sviluppatore

21 febbraio 2021

Thank you so much for this feedback, we really appreciate it! Excited for your store to go live 🚀

El Número UNO

Highly recommended for anyone who works with raw materials for their products. Customer service is amazing.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

19 febbraio 2021

Thanks so much for this feedback! Great to hear


I installed this app a couple of weeks ago and it has already enabled me to save some precious time running regarding my inventory management. I highly recommend this app for every business owner Also the customer service is great. Thanks a lot!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

17 febbraio 2021

Thanks so much for your review, we appreciate it! Happy to hear that ReadyPantry helps 🙌