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21. helmikuu 2024

Using the free version for now to test it out and even with the limited function it's a great app. I've been trying to find an app that shows abandoned cart activity and everything seems to come up a little short. The design for this one is very clean and easy to read, by far my favorite. The one thing that would make it a 5* app for me would be if it showed the customer name when viewing carts.

Butterfly Reflections, Ink.
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Realtimestack vastasi 29. helmikuu 2024

Dear Butterfly Reflections - Thank you for your review.

Good point on the customer name. Unfortunately, this information is typically not available until the visitor places an order.

I have added functionality so that if the customer id is known, a link to the customer is provided in the badge that says "X visits, Y orders".

I hope this works better for you?


Muokattu 4. joulukuu 2023

This app has the potential to be one of THE must have apps. Hopefully it is a work in progress as with a few tweaks it could be truly spectacular.

Great support after a few teething problems.

The Artists Quarter
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11. kesäkuu 2024

Ive just installed this and loving the app and especially the 3d view. I would say one thing as a new shopify store owner, i dont get a huge amount of people to my shop.
It would be great to receive a notification when someone is in my shop so i can actually use the 3d view. At present im staring at an empty shop hoping to see someone come in a look around. Then i work on something else in my mac, come back and someone has been in and out and ive missed it.
Just a ding would be great for us new shop owners, so we can quickly pop over and see what they are looking at.

I see something similar was mentioned in 2023 and got this response, but nothing has changed, such a shame as this could really excel this app.

Realtimestack replied January 6, 2023
"Thank you for your review and for the nice and constructive suggestions!
I will add them to my list of new features that will be coming soon!

Best regards,
Peter Strand,
Creator of Realtime View"

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