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25. kesäkuu 2024

Great solution and team - highly recommend. I've been working with Rebuy for almost a year now and will continue to do so happily for years to come if they keep doing what they're doing. Our Success Manager, Max, has truly added value to the business.

We've seen a stronger return each quarter and a lot of new features that actually work. The app is well integrated in our store and and apps. I'm looking forward to more customizations with our Tapcart mobile apps.

If you're already making money this will definitely make you more.

Maud's Coffee & Tea
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Rebuy vastasi 8. heinäkuu 2024

Thank you for such a glowing review! 🌟 We're delighted to hear about your ongoing success and the valuable impact Max has had on your business. We'll keep delivering the features and customizations you need to drive even greater results. 🚀

11. heinäkuu 2024

Rebuy is an easy solution to enhance your customer's check-out experience. We moved our store from a standard check-out to a drawer cart check-out with upsells at check-out. While it has yet to be seen how well these upgrades will improve our Average Order Value or Conversions, what has been most impressive is Rebuy's customer service and support. Unlike many other apps that I have used across many devices (Android Apps, Shopify Apps, etc.) that have a decent app but poor support (what do you do when you need help), Rebuy provides timely and consistent support that goes above and beyond what I was expecting.

Just for that, I would 100% recommend giving Rebuy a try to see if it will work for your store/company, because they will do what they can to make sure you succeed.

Withered Fig
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9. kesäkuu 2024

Working with Rebuy for six months now and very satisfied! The cart looks very clear and works well, especially with our shop where there are lots of products in the cart. Rebuy Widgets have also increased our AOV significantly. In addition, we would like to thank the support team (Dante and colleagues) for fully developing a 2nd shopping cart for our B2B shop without charging extra for it! Robin
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Rebuy vastasi 14. kesäkuu 2024

Hi Robin,

Thank you so much for your glowing review! We're thrilled to hear that our cart and widgets have made such a positive impact on your shop. I'll be sure to pass along your thanks to Dante and the support team – they’ll be delighted to hear it. 😊

25. kesäkuu 2024

We're big fans of Rebuy. Its one of those rare Shopify apps that simply works great. The more you learn the platform, the more you find ways to improve not just your AOV and CVR, but also your customers' experience on your site. Rebuy's system of data sources as the logical foundation for its various widgets is very powerful without sacrificing user-friendliness. It's truly endless what you can do with Rebuy to increase your overall revenue.

The team over there is excellent too -- everyone I've chatted with through their live chat feature has been super helpful. Our merchant success manager Monica brings great ideas and feedback to our meetings and clearly has our continued success in mind. Our onboarding team of Logan and Aiman were great too.

There are things I would change about their analytics dashboard and reporting. Revenue is somewhat over-attributed, but not in a way that we're not aware of, and we've simply developed our own dashboard in-house using their CSV exports. Our in-house dashboard shows clear ROI, so we're confident that Rebuy is worth every penny.

Highly recommend!

Sea to Table | Wild Caught Seafood Online
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Rebuy vastasi 8. heinäkuu 2024

Thank you for your detailed and enthusiastic review! 🌟 We're thrilled that Rebuy is enhancing your AOV, CVR, and customer experience, and that our team has been so supportive. We'll take your feedback on the analytics dashboard to heart and strive to make it even better. Here's to your continued success with Rebuy! 🚀

18. kesäkuu 2024

Great tools to drive CRV and engage customers.

Support teams are fantastic and always there to guide you & get the most out of the platform

Highly Recommended

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Rebuy vastasi 21. kesäkuu 2024

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! 😊 We're thrilled to hear that our tools and support teams are making a positive impact on your customer engagement and CRV. Your recommendation means the world to us!

28. kesäkuu 2024

We've been working with Rebuy for over a year. We recently have been introduced to Kalum on the Rebuy team. He has some great ideas to improve how we are using Rebuy and increase our conversions.

Ascent Nutrition
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Rebuy vastasi 8. heinäkuu 2024

Thank you for your continued partnership! 🌟 It's fantastic to hear that Kalum's ideas are already making a difference. We're excited to keep working with you to boost your conversions even further. 🚀

10. heinäkuu 2024

Working with Max & Steven to solve an issue we had with our sidecart widget was great. Super responsive and great communication went a long way and reassured our team that we made the right choice in selecing Rebuy and that we would get to a solution quickly.

8 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Rebuy vastasi 12. heinäkuu 2024

Thank you for sharing your experience! 😊 We're thrilled that Max and Steven were able to assist you promptly and effectively. We're dedicated to ensuring your success and are always here to support you!

30. huhtikuu 2024

This is likely our first review of many... Our store has been using Rebuy for almost 6 months now and we have nothing but good things to say. Our AOV has greatly increased since this time last year, and we are continuously refining the app's features to improve our CVR. Whenever we have questions, their Support Team is quick to give us acceptable solutions. Today, in particular, Dashona was exceptionally helpful in troubleshooting a tricky issue for me. She was committed to finding a solution, and she was able to provide a fix within the same day as my initial request. We can't recommend Rebuy enough!

Eagle Creek
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Rebuy vastasi 3. toukokuu 2024

Thank you for taking the time to share such a fantastic review! Dashona exemplifies our commitment to prompt and effective support—glad she could assist with your issue so quickly. We appreciate your strong recommendation and look forward to many more months of successful collaboration! 🌟💪

10. kesäkuu 2024

As a business that has been using Rebuy for several years, our experience with this personalization platform has been exceptional. From its powerful tools to its top-notch support, Rebuy has consistently delivered above and beyond our expectations.

Azio Beauty
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Rebuy vastasi 14. kesäkuu 2024

Thank you for your continued trust and support over the years! We're delighted to hear that our tools and support have consistently exceeded your expectations. We're committed to maintaining this level of excellence for you. 🌟

16. toukokuu 2024

I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional service provided by Keaton and Kalum at Rebuy. They went above and beyond in assisting us with customizations on our ReBuy widgets. Their expertise and dedication ensured that every detail was meticulously addressed, enhancing the functionality and appearance of our widgets significantly. Their customer service was outstanding, as they were always prompt, professional, and attentive to our needs.

The Rebuy platform itself is incredibly versatile and user-friendly, offering a range of features that have greatly improved our ecommerce operations. I highly recommend Rebuy to anyone looking for a robust solution for their ecommerce needs.

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Rebuy vastasi 24. toukokuu 2024

Thank you for your wonderful review! We’re delighted that Keaton and Kalum’s dedication and expertise made such a positive impact on your experience. It’s great to hear that the Rebuy platform has been a valuable asset to your ecommerce operations. 🌟