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13 januari 2015

Quick and easy way to bulk email all of your customers.
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Bewerkt 7 december 2015

A few days ago I wrote my first 5-star review of Recomailer. Today I wrote to them to ask them for their help on a technical issue. They solved my problem by tweaking their software to suit my needs and replied to me within 2 hours from the time I sent them my first email. They are the BEST !!!

Excellent app that really makes my life so much easier. It's a must have if you want to automate bringing your customers back again and again without having to move a finger ! A no brainer in terms of setup. Outstanding service, as well. I emailed them and they replied immediately giving me options to choose from which they incorporated in their platform in no time ! What more could I ask for ? Thank you, Daniel and team !!!

Coloraddicted Com
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5 oktober 2015

Really easy to install and really easy to set up a modern professional looking email template. You can change the design of your email each week or create a set and forget template and let it software do it all for you. A great addition to your businesses suite of customer email programs, I highly recommend it

Lookbook Boutique
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10 augustus 2017

Great app! surpass my spectation it really help me encrease sales. thanks so much.

Safaryworld Camping Fisfing
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5 december 2015

The app is very easy to set up and tailor to the look of your shop. I needed a little help formatting an issue, and was promptly given assistance. But more importantly, the app WORKS. Each time an email goes out, sales come in. The stats page allows you to see opens, clicks, PURCHASES, and opt outs. What more could you ask for?

Bitter Root Detroit
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Bewerkt 10 juli 2019

This app REALLY is a true value for every penny. Most of my monthly e-mails have a ROI of six times investment. It's a really great tool, easy to use perfect app!
Wardrobe BY Me

Wardrobe By Me
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10 mei 2017

Great app! My store gets sales when having just installed this app some days.

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22 oktober 2020

Im using this app for a long time, its all automated nothing to do it will make the whole job for you its an excellent app.
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Bewerkt 15 oktober 2020

This app just runs seamlessly in the background! It has increased sales for me. And, I highly recommend it! Up-dated: I've been using this app for well-over a year and am still highly satisfied with its performance. I continue to highly recommend it!

PAMELA'S ART by PonsART - a Gift Shop and Marketplace
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17 oktober 2017

This is a great app that's easy to use and easy to customize. Plus, after one small campaign, we got a bunch of repeat customers! Definitely recommend.

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