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3. lokakuu 2023

The app is ok, not very well laid out and quite confusing to use but it's manageable. The real issue is the pricing. In September our store had over 300 sales the Wiser app charged us their top tier of $69 even though the Wiser app only referred 16 of those 300 sales (it's worth noting these were upsells to existing orders). I don't believe it is made very clear that the charging is based on your store's total orders even if the Wiser app helps you make zero additional sales. They take a flat fee from your stores earnings even if they add zero value.

I asked support for a refund 3 times by explaining the above. I have not yet had a refund. They suggested they would help setup the app further to use more of the widgets and if I wasn't happy I could then have a refund. The logic here is already broken. I'm very happy to pay for the sales their app produces and even a base fee as well but not share revenue that they have not played any part in.

Think carefully about how scaleable an option this will be for your store.

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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25. elokuu 2023

I've been on for over 5 years on the Shopify and I don't have the dilemma that this is the worst app with the worst support.

You have a structure that they give you and don't try anything except that. I had a lot of unusual white space between images and fonts and some words weren't visible at all (for example add to cart I saw like add to c without other letters). Support of all of the other apps usually helps you in a few hours. These guys delayed me 4 days for these simple things.

I waited 4 days and didn't get a solution, even though they told me that would be fixed.

8 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
Muokattu 17. elokuu 2023

Just wanted to write this review to tell if that this App is not only worthless but you end paying very steep charges. Don’t lose you money on this App, we did that for an year. They kept saying that the charges for commission towards sale induced through recommendations. We snapped a month ago and we found zero difference to sales. Stay away

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Muokattu 22. elokuu 2019

While the app was "somewhat" okay, I started being charged a percentage of the revenue the developer claims his app made for me. - This despite the fact it was my money spent on ads, setting up the site and doing every other thing.

When I installed the app it said it was $9 a month. They started taking $75 a month before I caught on.

Dearest Fawn
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Expert Village Media Technologies vastasi 31. lokakuu 2019

Thanks for sharing this with us. We have worked on this and tried to specify pricing details more clearly now. Will make sure to be more transparent in terms of pricing on our website too.

Muokattu 12. kesäkuu 2018

Had an issue with the app where the recommend product is not showing on the cart page. Contacted the support, only after a day after they showed me a javascript snapshot and told me to delete the javascript assuming I know how to do it. After I asked them yet again how to do that, they told me to contact store developer?! Not sure why they can't just go in and solve the issue for me but I won't even bother asking them again.
Plus, all the recommended products are the same among all product pages.

Fun Prints Co
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Expert Village Media Technologies vastasi 17. toukokuu 2019

We apologise for the issue you had with the app earlier. Our support team asked you to resolve the javascript errors in your store which was from your store theme.
As the issue was from your theme, we were not able to fix that as it was beyond the scope of our app setup service.
We will be happy to help in future whenever you would like to use our apps again.

11. huhtikuu 2023

Spent a lot of time installing the app and setup. The app resulted in the theme store malfunctioning, had to reinstall. They couldn't troubleshoot

Glownar Aesthetics
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12. lokakuu 2018

Uninstalled because app is not working well and the support leaves a lot to be desired. I had some issues with the app performance such as currency symbol not showing, products not available on the store showing up in featured collection, random products showing up in best sellers, unrelated products showing up in related products, add to cart buttons not aligned in the same position and other issues. The only thing they fixed was the currency symbol and for the others the response I got was to pay them to have those issues fixed or ask my developer to fix them. These are all problems that are within the app itself so their approach to dealing with it doesn't sit well with me. There are other similar apps who offer free set up and customization.

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Expert Village Media Technologies vastasi 17. toukokuu 2019

Thanks for the review for Wiser app. We have resolved these issues earlier and added so many new features too to the Wiser app. You will not find any issues now. Please try it again and we will be happy to get feedback from you further. Wiser App is stable and enhanced now.

26. lokakuu 2020

Don't sign up for wiser apps unless you read everything and sure that you want to use it. After you try it and delete it, they will still spam you endlessly with emails. And phone calls.

Monster Monitors
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Expert Village Media Technologies vastasi 29. lokakuu 2020

Accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. Our app sends a couple of emails to users automatically inorder to inform about the proper uninstallation of app's code which remains in the store theme. That code has to be removed actually and it cannot be removed at app's end. Thats a manual process for all apps on the app store.

Thats why we send email to the users asking about it and the reason why the app was uninstalled. There may be some issue which we try to findout from the users.

We will make sure to update our process soon.

Team Wiser

29. heinäkuu 2018

Uninstalling this app is a nightmare. It injects code that broke my store!!! Stay away

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Expert Village Media Technologies vastasi 17. toukokuu 2019

Sorry for the issue that happened. Some of your theme's code was conflicted and it caused a temporary issue which was handled timely by our team. We assure you for better services as the app is much enhanced and stable now. Try it again please.