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18. helmikuu 2024

best service and best place to increase your money

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6. tammikuu 2024

I had an exceptional customer service experience with Blessing during a 24/7 chat session. Blessing demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, promptly addressing all my inquiries with a friendly and courteous demeanor. Their profound knowledge of the product was evident as they provided clear and concise information, instilling confidence in their expertise. What stood out was Blessing's remarkable efficiency and responsiveness, navigating through complex queries with ease. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident throughout the conversation, making it not only productive but also enjoyable. Blessing's outstanding performance reflects positively on your company, and I am grateful for the exceptional service they provided.

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26. marraskuu 2023

Even if my store is new and not in line yet, I checked the app and I've noticed that is useful and really simple for users like me with minor knowledge about all these kind of things and elements

Sunny Pixie
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
11 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
31. tammikuu 2024

Super Support!

Anastasia konnte mir schnell weiterhelfen.

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8. joulukuu 2023

This is a great app, and I love the live chat, which answers your questions. Expesically, Alex is a great person to talk to about problems.

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28. joulukuu 2023

muito bom o aplciativo, o suporte me ajudou batsante

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13. lokakuu 2023

Quick response from customer chat. Their suggestions were very helpful.

Profaded Kustomz Apparel
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26. kesäkuu 2023

Good support always there and not rushing you. App could be easier to figure out and use, considering ive spent 4 hrs talking to support in the two times ive tried to set up what I want

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19. huhtikuu 2023

I like the app it has many different possibilitys. Support is very nice. A few things are missing/not available because of Shopfiy restrictions

5 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
18. elokuu 2023

App functionality is restricted by Shopify in many ways for payment methods. Support was very helpful (Lee-ann). Thanks

Luckymoose Shop
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