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10 augustus 2021

I have requested assistance on several occasions and been scheduled a callback but that didn't happen. It really appears that no one is actually reading my emails but I continue to get auto responses telling me to watch a video on how to set up something that is already set up. This is very frustrating. Basically I will most likely be uninstalling within 24 hours and its all due to the customer support.

Template House By Shon
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AAAeCommerce Inc heeft geantwoord 19 augustus 2021

Thank you for your review! As discussed in our meetings, I hope all your questions are resolved and you are using the app now.

Let us know if you have any questions and wish you the best of luck with your store 🤗

Bewerkt 2 februari 2018

Ugh. Was so hopeful when I saw this app and read the description until I installed it and saw it only supports the Stripe payment gateway.

As a Philippines-Shopify store, I need it to support PayPal Express Checkout, that specific "flavor" of PayPal. No other payment gateway is available to me.

I'm more than happy to change the review to 5 stars if you will add PayPal Express Checkout for recurring orders/subscriptions/donations/etc.

Elohim Church
11 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 3 juli 2023

While the initial troubleshooting was helpful as the team got to the issues really fast, but subsequent recurrence of the issue proved ineffective as the team failed to either troubleshoot the problem, or even respond to my email. My last email went unreplied for more than 5 days. Store can't launch until issue is addressed and resolved. Furthermore, I don't have any access to the app anymore. I guess that's their way of getting prospective customers to be hooked on their app. Until membership starts, then any communication gradually becomes unresponsive.

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Bewerkt 28 januari 2021

Zero support staff, impossible to cancel, charged THREE times for the same service. Not worth the pain.

Boutique Estate Sales
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AAAeCommerce Inc heeft geantwoord 2 februari 2021

Hi Boutique Estate Sales,

Our billing team contact you and approved the refund. Please let us know if you have any questions and we are happy to assist you with the same.

Membership App Support

25 september 2021

This app is super buggy. And getting ahold of customer service is a nightmare. The idea behind this app is cool but execution is very poor. Saved myself the time and headache by going with bold memberships.

Dropship Skincare Guru
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20 dagen gebruiken de app
AAAeCommerce Inc heeft geantwoord 26 september 2021

Hi - Thanks for your feedback.

We are replying to your email but it seems the email from which you are submitting the ticket is not correct. Please check this proof -

Our support is very responsive and we can do the full setup of the app for free. Please connect us again with the correct email and we can also schedule a call or zoom meeting for any assistance you need.


6 juni 2021

This app is not as promoted. 1. Set up is complicated. 2. Got a call for help to set up, and the app still does not work. I asked for an extension on the free trial as I still could not use the app, and they said NO. The fees are high as you start getting members, upward of $750.00 per month! Yikes! Hard to reach for help only via email, very slow. Very disappointing. Also, if you want color or a badge etc., on the membership application form, that is a design team, and for $99, they will do this. So I had a boring white membership page. I feel they need to make it more user-friendly and set a fair price for the app. At this time, I would not recommend it and have just deleted it from my store.

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AAAeCommerce Inc heeft geantwoord 10 juni 2021

Thanks for your reply. Just a quick update on your questions.
1. We are providing full support and instructions video to set up the app. We also do the free setup of the app for every store.
2. App-free usage extension is not possible, but we can do one month of refund if any seller is not able to set up at this time. We do also provide a trial period for the same.
3. We are also available for a call and a zoom meeting on request.
4. You can design all forms of the plans if you know basic HTML or we can do it for an additional minimum fee if you need custom designs.

Please reply to our support and we are happy to set up this for you.

AAA Membership Support

19 augustus 2021

If I could give this zero stars, I absolutely would. I downloaded this app because I was intrigued with the idea of allowing/denying memberships as that would give me a bit more control on those who purchased my courses. The issue I had is that regardless of whether the member is accepted or denied, the member gets charged. I don't understand the point of the "allow/deny" function if the outcome is the same regardless. And to add insult to injury, the customer service rep that I spoke to didn't seem to understand any of the questions I was asking and continued to route me to an FAQ page that had nothing to do with what we were talking about. I'm utterly disappointed in this app and the folk who are supposed to help. Do better!

The Creative Siren
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10 dagen gebruiken de app
AAAeCommerce Inc heeft geantwoord 19 augustus 2021

We're so sorry to hear that you didn't have a nice experience :(
We've sent over an email to you to help out here. We'll do our best to get this sorted for you!

The request you send doesn't have any direct solution in any app on the app store, though we can provide you an alternate solution to achieve your goal.

Let's discuss this on our call.

23 augustus 2018

wish i could give it less than 1 Star!! Customer service not great, passed me onto their 'partners' based in India who advised it will cost me $1400 to do a few hours thankyou! not interested in a company that does business in this way

Guilden Sutton Uniform
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11 december 2018

I was simply doing a trial of this app, and created a test membership plan. After I found out that the app doesn't have discount tier-ing, I uninstalled the app.

BUT, the test membership plan is still alive and kicking on my LIVE site, and I don't know how to undo this!!

The app's features sound great, but this isn't the way it should work. I'm having to go into the liquid files now and see how to delete the added files that shouldn't be working anymore. Or something... :\

American Colors
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14 februari 2022

Be careful! I spoke on the phone with 2 of their support reps, and they admit that their app cannot do what I need, but all they keep saying is "Just go and buy the entire bundle that includes this app and so much more. It still won't do what you want, but it will help you in so many other ways." All they did was push the upsell to a very pricy product! Now I'm trying to remove my Stripe payment API keys to disconnect the app and I cannot remove them! The app also asks for my email password which makes me uncomfortable. And in less than 12 hours, their entire server was down twice, once for an hour and again for about 10 minutes! Be careful! The app may work great for some, but I was unimpressed and concerned about security and reliability.

Torah Sisters
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AAAeCommerce Inc heeft geantwoord 14 februari 2022

Hi Torah - We are sorry that you didn't find what you need in our app.
But we are happy to work around and provide you with the solution. It is not easy for every app provider to fulfill all the requirements of merchants but we are continuously making efforts to somehow provide you the solution. We are happy to connect again and help you in any way possible. Thanks