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It works, but only on the most basic levels. So many things you can't change. Customization is basically non existent. If you want a little bit of modification off the extremely basic package, then you should use some other app. Here is just one example. We would like to have the name of our new customer in our confirmation email sent to us- the merchant, when someone signs up for a membership. The confirmation email reads- "Good news, someone subscribed. Feeling the love, a new member just signed up." Instead of being cute, we would prefer the email provide information. But that is just a small thing. Dates, discounts, other changes are non existent. So if super basic works for you, then this app is probably ok, but if you want it to really work for your business, try something else.

BOLDが返信しました 2019年4月25日

Hi there - thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated!

We'd love to discuss this a little further if you're open to it! We're always looking to improve our apps, and make sure they work for our users as best they can.

I see that you currently have a ticket open, so if possible please let us know if there's a best way for us to reach out to you, and we'll be more than happy to do all that we can to help! Thanks again.


I submit a currency problem to Bold team, and i did not receive any reply by them. It's been a week and start charging me. If the team can not solve the currency problem, BOLD should tell me asap instead of endless waiting and hard to find the live chat.

i give the team 2 star


Customer service has been non-responsive. Live chat seems to rarely be an option. The app just doesn't seem to work. They set it up, and didn't provide with confirmation that it was completed (even though they said they would). However, I DO see where they installed the liquid. I go through their guides step by step. I sent myself a free membership as a test. I simply got an email where it says I have a free membership. NO other details. There is no place for me to update the wording. Even though I have a free membership, it doesn't recognize it and it's prompting me to pay. Nothing is working. Anyone can access the products. I have reached out several times with no response. I just need to find another app.

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BOLDが返信しました 2022年2月4日

Thank you for your honest feedback. We are sorry to hear about the less than satisfactory support you have received. We do take this feedback very seriously, as providing the best in support is what we strive for. I can confirm our team has reached out to provide instructions on how to change the email verbiage in the settings and to provide a proper installation so all features work. We hope we can make it up to you!


I'm a developer and tried to get this working and it's still broken.. I also had another developer look into it and he can't get get it working right either. It looks like they set this up so you have to hire them to do it...

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