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26 juli 2023

I saw a lot of articles on ecommerce blogs recommending Referral Candy and decided to give it a try. So far I like how easy it is to create a referral campaign: I chose my referral rewards, added some images to the email and pages, customized some text, activated the post purchase widget and launched it. The only thing I'd add to this is that I wish they had even more multi-language support, it would be better if they could add it.

I like the fact that it's now working pretty much by itself and my customers are being invited to join the program through email and popup. It's nice that it also integrates with other apps I already have installed on my store. I'm also thinking about maybe selling some of my products on subscriptions in the future so it's good to know that it integrates with many of the subscription apps on Shopify, as I haven't decided which one I'm going to be using yet.

The customer support team was also super helpful as I had a couple of questions while I was setting up the account, and they got back to me super quickly and was able to solve my doubts.

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2 dagen gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 9 augustus 2023

Thank you for choosing to be with ReferralCandy! We really apprecitae it. :)

6 oktober 2022

We use this ReferalCandy to manage our referal system, and we're quite pleased with the way it's set up. Especially considering it provides integrations with other services that we use, as well as an API that we do interact with. Not only that, but they also provide a good customer support, where they respond quickly, and they inform us about any new breaking changes that happen on their end or Shopify's end, like recently where we got a helpful heads up from Cris about a recent change in the platform, where he made sure we stay cerrectly setup.

Oscars Farm
Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 26 oktober 2022

Thank you so much for the review. Your kind words inspire us to do great everyday! I appreciate you! - Cris

1 mei 2023

Dowloaded the app to my shopify store and within minutes I had JC (one of the customer service reps) send me a message to see if I needed help with anything. I said no thanks however he asked if I wanted to go through the setup process now, which I was actually going to procrastinate and put off! I decided to give it a crack because JC seemed keen to assist and with his help, I was able to get my first rewards/referral program setup within 20 minutes. Thanks so much for all your help JC, you're a legend mate!

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ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 4 mei 2023

Thanks as well for taking the time to talk to me today. Please do not hesitate to reach out anytime. :)
- JC

16 maart 2023

It took some time and research to get oriented with the platform, but once you are there it is pretty straight forward. I was nervous at first, since this is our first referral program and we already have thousands of customers. Got great help from JC at Referral Candy, who assisted with setup to make sure I was comfortable before launching our first campaign. Very excited about RC :)

RIA Eyewear
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3 maanden gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2023

Thank you for the review! Reach out to us any time you need assistance! - JC

17 maart 2023

JC ROCKS! - Quite a few times I have felt overwhelmed setting up silly apps that just have way to many customizations I have just given up and immediately go to chat and ask for help when installing a new app. I Was blown away by JC's kind attitude to walk me through literally step by step the exact set up I asked for. Made the whole process super simple and only took me like 15 mins. Now I fill absolutely confident mailing all those past customers and knowing they will be able to sign up right. Thanks for the awesome customer service!

Mala of Merit™
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19 dagen gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2023

I appreciate the review! Reach out to us any time you need assistance! - JC

7 augustus 2023

Cris was amazing helping me figure out Referral Candy for the first time! Really impressed with the customer service. The UI will take some getting used to, it could be more straight forward but what it lacks there is made up for by the customer service staff (especially Cris). Thanks so much! Looking forward to getting my program set up.

Honu Play
Ongeveer 3 uur gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 9 augustus 2023

Thanks for this review again. We are also looking forward to seeing great results on your referral campaign.
- Cris

9 mei 2023

So far, I've had a great experience with Referral Candy. It was easy to set up and the platform has helped my customers to spread the word about our brand. These referrals have led to thousands of dollars in additional revenue at a minimal acquisition cost.

Customer service has been helpful when needed. Jon was very quick to respond to a question I had and he actually followed up to ensure that everything was still find a few days after the fact!

For the right business, Referral Candy can be a game changer.

Galactic Snacks
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9 maanden gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 10 mei 2023

Thank you so much for this amazing feedback! We are so happy to know that our services have been a great addition to your business. We look forward to seeing a better performance from your campaign in the future. :)
- Jon

13 december 2022

The app is easy to install, customize and share with customers. Most importantly the support received is impeccable. From the start Katherine answered all my questions, looked into case studies for me and always followed up promptly. Most companies you have to wait days to hear back from someone, but she always responded within the same day sometimes within the hour. She helped me work through some issues we were having (our fault not the apps) and followed up to ensure everything was taken care of. Thanks Katherine!

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ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 14 december 2022

This is an amazing review. Thank you so much and I really do appreciate it. We are so excited for your referral campaign to do its best. :)
- Katherine

16 februari 2023

I was able to to do the setup by myself and did not need any IT support. Yet I asked for a call with the Referral Team to discuss ways to optimization. JC got on a call for me and we went through our Dashboard together. He gave me some concrete tipps on how to get more out of the Referral Candy software. He also included all topics in a summary mail he sent afterwards. On top of that he was available in the chat the whole day while working on the discussed topics. Thanks from Munich! Daniela

5 maanden gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 21 februari 2023

You are welcome and thanks as well for this review! I really appreciate it. :)
- JC

4 augustus 2023

5 stars so far. We have only installed the App today and the setup has been really straightforward and Katherine was really helpful and answered all of our setup questions within minutes. We hope to see great results from such an easy to use App. And even better that it integrates with Klaviyo!

Splosh Limited
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1 dag gebruiken de app
ReferralCandy heeft geantwoord 9 augustus 2023

You're amazing! Thanks so much as well for this review. Please let us know if you have concerns in the future and we are here to help you out.
- Katherine