Relish AI Chatbot, Quiz, FAQ

Relish AI Chatbot, Quiz, FAQ

作成: Relishly Inc

Automate Customer Support, Instant FAQ in Chat, Live Chat

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Grow your Sales & Conversions

You've got a 24/7 virtual shopping assistant that will help you boost sales, automate your customer support and live chat solutions.

Engage For More Sales

Conversationally recover abandoned carts, exit intents, newsletter sign-ups, back in stock notifications, and capture leads.

Minimize Your Workload

Automatically respond to FAQ’s, provide order status, returns, and much more. The only employee you need for sales & support automations.

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Conversationally Sell, Automate Support, & Much More - 24/7

Do you have a lot going on with your Shopify store and no time to do it? Relish AI is your 24/7 shopping assistant - ready to help visitors and customers find the right products, engage them when you are not available, and handle all areas of support from tracking to returns.

Stop sending visitors to a store where no one is available. Start engaging them at every step of their journey with actual conversations. Stop the annoying pop-ups! Relish AI is the only employee you need for sales and support automations.

  • Turn Conversations Into Sales
  • Automate Customer Support
  • It Works 24/7, Even While You Sleep!

Help Your Customers Find Exactly What They Want

Help shoppers discover products they might like through our AI-powered chatbots, interactive quizzes, and personalized recommendations. Instantly give them the answers they are looking for with our conversational FAQ’s.

Stop Abandoning Visitors With Real-Time Exit Intent Chatbots

Today’s shoppers expect personalized & immediate attention! Get rid of the Away Messages, engage & recover sales with exit intent chatbots that can offer personalized incentives like free shipping or discount promotions when visitors try to leave your site.

Provide Real-Time 24/7 Support and Minimize Your Workload

Customers are shopping at all hours and expect instant gratification in today’s market. With our conversational FAQ features, you can instantly direct customers to the answers they are looking for. Our support features are great for automating order & shipping queries, returns, cancellations and much more. For more complex queries, Relish AI can instantly hand it over to your support team and lead capture when no one is available.

Automate Your Live Chat Solution

Don’t leave customers hanging with unmanned live chat support solutions and away messages. Engage customers when your offline with a ready-to-use chatbot. Optimized for Shopify Ping!

What Makes Relish AI Great For Growing Shopify Stores?

  • Our clients are seeing up to 25% conversion rate in sales & reducing up to 30% in support requests.
  • We offer a variety of optimized sales and support templates…or create your own.
  • Easily Add Relish AI to your Shopify store for Free - no strings attached.
  • Launch Your First Chatbot In Minutes - No Coding Required
  • Relish AI’s platform is private & secure. We never share data with third parties.

Integrates with

Shopify Ping, Gorgias, YOTPO, Klaviyo, STAMPED.IO, ReCHARGE, Loyalty Lion, Smile, twillio, & more to come!

Awesome Support Team

We will do everything in our power to ensure you are providing your customer's incredible experiences, rely on our globally located team of experts.

Try Relish AI Today For Free!



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  • Up to 5000 Monthly Site Visitors

  • Unlimited Sales, Support & FAQ Chatbots

  • Unlimited Live Chat Interactions

  • Full Access to AI Library



  • Up to 50000 Monthly Site Visitors

  • Unlimited Sales, Support & FAQ Chatbots

  • Unlimited Live Chat Interactions

  • Full Access to AI Library



  • Up to 200000 Monthly Site Visitors

  • Unlimited Sales, Support & FAQ Chatbots

  • Unlimited Live Chat Interactions

  • Full Access to AI Library

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This app is great for communicating with customers. It's easy to add extra questions and answers, and easy to analyse the conversations.


This app is great ! Very worthwhile and well constructed app and the staff couldn't be more helpful in terms of configuring to meet our site needs. Definitely recommend this app. Cheers guys from


Hi to all my shopify colleagues. I really like this app, has helped us to facilitate the customer journey answering cuestions to clients based in AI. And a huge plus its that the team behind the app is really committed to understand customer needs, adapting or improving current product and work with companies to get the best out of the app. I definitely recomend it!