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17. syyskuu 2023

Why is this telling me to subscribe to a monthly service without even letting me in the app or showing me any plans or anything?? Why would I just instantly subscribe to giving you money before I've even tested this app out. I thought there was a free plan?

Snazzy Dazzle
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CartKit vastasi 18. syyskuu 2023

Hi there! You are accepting a 7 day free trial of the Pro plan. If you switch to the free plan within 7 days, you will NOT be billed. We indicate how many days you have remaining on the Free Trial on every page of the app at the very top.

The 7 day Free Trial allows you to experience the full features of the app that are included in the Pro plan. If you decide that you don't want the Pro plan, you can always downgrade to the Free plan before your 7 day free trial ends and you'll never be billed.

Hope that helps!

7. syyskuu 2023

It says that it has a free plan available, and when you download you can't use the app unless you accept the charges, so its not true that it's free. I cancel and unistalled. I didn't have the opportunity to try it, I don't trust when they do this. Ive seen the tell you, that they tell you about the 7 day trial, but no. It crearly says FREE PLAN AVAILABLE. So please don't answer with the same stuff.
2 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
CartKit vastasi 8. syyskuu 2023

Hello! You are accepting a subscription for $0.00. If you switch to the free plan you are just billed for 0 usage, which would make your bill $0.00 and Free. Hope that makes sense! A team member will be reaching out to you shortly.

14. lokakuu 2023

App Says It has a Free Version, yet the single second i Join or install the app it asks me to approve billing

Simple & Fast
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25. marraskuu 2021

This app was good in the beginning to view how people acted on my website. Now on Black Friday the app is glitchy, probably has to do with my FREE subscription. Let's hope the developer is not that shady to do that. I was actually thinking of upgrading but not now.

Brew Fitness Co.
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CartKit vastasi 25. marraskuu 2021

Update: This problem was fixed almost immediately after BFCM 2021. We reached out to the store owner but haven't heard back. Strict measures were taken to bring continued stability.
Hi! We apologize for the inconvenience! This is not related to your subscription. We're experiencing some downtime due to Black Friday but it should be restored shortly.

Muokattu 7. syyskuu 2020

It records the sessions but all the information is wrong. I know for a face a customer was local in MS and it has Illinois. It also always says new customer even if the customer is repeat. Recording info is useless if i cannot correctly identify locations of where my customers are coming from. It kept saying Quebec and other places that I do not sell to. I was about to try to start selling there but now i cannot trust the accuracy of this app. I'm going to delete and choose another app. I wished it worked.

Willow&Rose Botanicals
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CartKit vastasi 7. elokuu 2020

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to leave a message - we reached out via email to understand your experience with Better Replay.

Muokattu 5. tammikuu 2021

It worked fine for a few days. Then suddenly I cannot replay the sessions. It says " This page isn’t redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.
ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" I tried clearing my browsing history, cache, cookies, etc. but still did not work. I also tried using a different browser and still not working. I tried contacting their customer support by the app and by email but I got no response for days. Maybe this review would have your customer service team assist me. I'd be glad to update my review. Thanks

REAC Label
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CartKit vastasi 5. tammikuu 2021

Hi there! Thank you for sharing your report. We reached out via email :)

29. lokakuu 2020

I've had it installed for a week. No recordings yet. I just flipped a switch that said enabled/disabled, so we'll see if that works.
I'll rate it higher once i see it working.

Cutsie Friends
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CartKit vastasi 29. lokakuu 2020

Hi! We sent you an email. We're working to get this solved as soon as possible :)

Muokattu 11. maaliskuu 2022

Just installed it and loving the app so far. Would love to see the heatmap as well. That would have been 5-stars! Edit; just changed my review to 1 stars. Suddenly the app is no longer free to use and I have to pay to use it with an (up to) $999 USD charge a month.... Haven't received any communication from them about this change and just got prompted to update the app and approve these charges. Really disappointing as I was quite happy with this app. Atleast have your existing users be grandfathered in or something...

Teddy and Wool
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30. lokakuu 2019

This app worked pretty god in the beginning but had a few issues like only showing one days worth of captures. I sent a request for support but never heard back, but all of a sudden I was able to see all the back logs. But about a week ago all of the captures became blank. They were there, and you can see the movement of the customer, but the content of the page is missing. This is on all platforms, Phone, Tablet, & Computer. I sent a support request probably 5 days ago and still have not heard back. One thing I always read in these reviews when the dev replies is that they have sent several replies, so they must have gone to the spam folder. I have checked the spam folder and other folders I have to filter my emails. The only reason I am writing this is because Shopify sent me a follow up on the support experience. This app is a fantastic tool for any business owner. I would pay for it if it were not free. But it just doesn't always work. And there doesn't seem to be any support.

Black Lava Vape
9 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
CartKit vastasi 30. lokakuu 2019

Hi! We checked the SPAM folder and your question did indeed go here so it was not seen by our support team. Can you please email me directly? - jason at . We'll solve the issue you are experiencing ASAP.

Muokattu 29. kesäkuu 2020

This app is extremely hard to love. It requires users to do a lot of things to use. I followed but still could not use it, Very time consuming

9 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
CartKit vastasi 29. kesäkuu 2020

We appreciate your feedback. We reached out via email to know more about your experience.