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they suddenly, unexpectedly changed the free plan features - most importantly, the ability to print a report for users. this renders this app useless to me as I cannot justify $9 a month to print off a weekly report to help me fulfill orders. Would've appreciated a heads up or a cheaper option since I only need access to 1 report once a week for my small business.

Cloudlabが返信しました 2023年11月29日

Hey there Borahello,

We understand that you are concerned about the changes to the free plan. Originally we had communicated this change to all of our customers back in September (with a reminder sent in October).

However, our only contact for your account had unsubscribed from our emails and so we were unable to reach you.

Please note that this change was only implemented as a response to the growing data costs associated with supporting our thousands of free plan users. Over the last few years we have also introduced many features to our paid plan to help merchants justify the expense - all without increasing the price of our subscription plans.

At Report Toaster, we pride ourselves on our great customer service - so I've just sent you an email and we would be happy to discuss further if you would like to respond.



Great reporting tool. However, charging $150 per MONTH for a reporting tool is completely unreasonable. It's too bad, had high hopes for this one.