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I would highly recommend this app. Coming from a person who tried ALL of the other apps on Shopify – this is the only app that actually solved my problem. I was trying to pull together a recognized revenue by fulfillment date and unrecognized revenue report and was ripping my hair out trying to figure out the shopify reporting as well as all the other apps out there. Sam & George provided a “high-touch” solution for me by creating the exact report I needed after fully understanding my needs. This is the only app out there that allows for true customization of reports. I would highly suggest you give them a try… if you can’t figure out your report then contact them at customer support. I will GUARANTEE you that they will figure out a solution for you as they did for me. Thanks for your help Sam & George!

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Cloudlabが返信しました 2023年1月23日

Excellent, so glad we could get you the report you were looking for (and we're always happy to work with our customers to get them what they need :) )

Thank you for the kind review!


I have to say, it's very upsetting to use Shopify and find that they (Shopify) do not include any good reporting functionality. It's sad we have to resort to so many 3rd party apps just to get basic functionality, most of which is required to run a business. But since that is the case, it's good to have a great app like this to help out. The reports are plentiful and easy to learn. But where this app really shines is the customer support. I get a live agent and have my questions answered quicker than any other app on Shopify. This is one app where I'm happy to give them my money each month. As long as prices don't increase, I'll be a customer for life! Keep making great apps and I'll keep installing them. Shout out to George Bailey-Kirby! I've spoken with him a few times and he's always great to work with.

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Cloudlabが返信しました 2023年1月4日

Really glad we could get you the reports you need - thank you for the kind review :)


I needed to create a custom report which Shopify couldn't do unless we upgraded and paid another US$220 a month. That's when I contacted Report Toaster support... app installed, support chatted with me and created a custom report with all of the fields I needed - voila!
Highly recommend this app if you're looking to dig into your numbers.

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Cloudlabが返信しました 2023年3月21日

Appreciate the nice review, happy we could help you out!


Build your own reports. Lots of intuitive report templates to get started. The paid plan is worth every penny to get the calculated fields. George and the support team have offered us excellent support to get our core business reports in order.

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Cloudlabが返信しました 2023年1月25日

Glad to hear it - happy we could get you sorted with the exact reports that you were looking for! Appreciate the kind review :)


We just downloaded this app today and have had the best experience in the last few hours. Some how 2500+ of our orders got marked as fulfilled, and we have been sorting through these manually all week trying to get this issue resolved so we can ship our customers items! George helped me get a report in no time and it was exactly what I needed to see! Definitely recommend!!!!

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Cloudlabが返信しました 2022年12月16日

Excellent, so glad we could help you out and get you sorted with the report you were looking for :)


The team at Report Toaster made the reporting process seamless. We required a custom report that Shopify could not generate on their basic plan (filter total sales by collection) which is such a basic requirement. Thank you to the team!

Cloudlabが返信しました 2023年3月21日

Really glad we could get you the report you needed, thank you for the kind review :)


We had an amazing experience with Report Toaster and their developers. Our use case was to receive an Orders CSV Report that broke down our custom cart attributes such as delivery dates (selected by users in checkout) as well as gift messages. Sam from Report Toaster helped us create the exact report and format we needed for our warehouse to use to fulfil orders. Even given the time difference, the support was unbelievable. Would highly recommend!

Hey Tiger
Cloudlabが返信しました 2022年10月26日

Really glad we could help you out, thanks for the kind review :)


The amount of free reports that this app offers seems unapparelled. Their pricing is better than other similar apps. And the customer service so far has been outstanding. And I am on the free plan.
Edit- I upgraded to the paid plan. Still the best app I have seen and still amazing customer service.
Cloudlabが返信しました 2022年11月2日

Appreciate the kind review, happy we could assist :)


I tested several report apps and choose Report Toaster as our app to use in our operation. I expect it to be a long term relationship. It offers what we need in a variety of ways, and support has been quick and accurate in both questions and custom needs. I would recommend this app!

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Cloudlabが返信しました 2023年5月25日

Thanks for the great review! It has been a pleasure helping you out.


What an app! Best support ever too, Spoke to George Baily-Kirby who was so helpful and fast! Built the report I needed, which was a new one they just added in. Dont look anywhere else, this is hands down the best reporting app you can find :)

Cloudlabが返信しました 2022年12月6日

Thank you for the great review, happy we could get you the reports you're looking for :)