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The app is useful for creating customs reports. We currently use a paid app but this app is what we needed and it is free. Support person is very accommodating and was able to help on our request to include older data.

Tables by Peanut
Cloudlabが返信しました 2021年12月6日

Thank for you the kind review and glad we could be of help!


This app solved all of my reporting problems that Shopify didn't have. They are crazy fast with their support, create reports specific to what you need. I have never been happier with an app EVER!

The Mercantile
Cloudlabが返信しました 2021年9月14日

Thank you so much for the amazing review! We are always happy to help - thanks for being a great customer.


I was looking for ways to see my sales by tags. This app does this job and much more. Support was very helpful as well.

Resealable Pouch
Cloudlabが返信しました 2021年9月16日

Thanks so much for the review! Glad that you found what you needed and we are ALWAYS here to help.


Amazing app, it shows us a lot of the information we have so far managed in Excel by hand. Support is great as well.
I'm sure this will be one of the most popular apps in Shopify soon.

By Fogstrup
Cloudlabが返信しました 2021年8月2日

Thanks so much for the kind words! We really appreciate the great feedback you gave us on the app. We will be better son because of it.


Awesome app! George in the live chat was a genius!! There's so many variations of reports that you'll definitely find what you're looking for!

Moonsight Planner™
Cloudlabが返信しました 2022年8月24日

Thank you for the kind review, glad we could get you what you need :D


This app is superb! We've tried a number of reporting apps but they are all quite clunky, Report Toaster is streamlined, flexible with a modern user friendly dashboard. The support is excellent!

Original Green
Cloudlabが返信しました 2021年10月1日

Thanks so much! We are always glad to help our customers. We are also grateful for your valuable feedback. You have helped make our app better!


I have to say, it's very upsetting to use Shopify and find that they (Shopify) do not include any good reporting functionality. It's sad we have to resort to so many 3rd party apps just to get basic functionality, most of which is required to run a business. But since that is the case, it's good to have a great app like this to help out. The reports are plentiful and easy to learn. But where this app really shines is the customer support. I get a live agent and have my questions answered quicker than any other app on Shopify. This is one app where I'm happy to give them my money each month. As long as prices don't increase, I'll be a customer for life! Keep making great apps and I'll keep installing them. Shout out to George Bailey-Kirby! I've spoken with him a few times and he's always great to work with.

Joco Records
Cloudlabが返信しました 2023年1月4日

Really glad we could get you the reports you need - thank you for the kind review :)


Highly recommend! Sam went above and beyond to help with my inquiry and create a solution. I still have not had a chance to add to what he created but I'm so impressed with this app and the service I needed to write a review. Thank you!

Cloudlabが返信しました 2021年8月24日

Thank you so much! We are always happy to help. Please get back with us when you are ready for the next steps!


These folks really know their stuff. The software is incredible, regarding what they can do. Support is over the top awesome. Highly recommend!

Market on Blackhawk
Cloudlabが返信しました 2022年6月13日

Excellent, glad to hear it - thank you for the nice review :)


I needed some help getting set up, and getting the app to do exactly what I needed & the support staff was OUTSTANDING. Highly recommend!

Busy Bee Smocks!
Cloudlabが返信しました 2022年1月26日

Excellent, so happy we could help you out!