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9 mei 2022

For now I give this app a 3 due to having issues getting things to work accurately. I'm hoping that once these issues are fixed I can give it a better rating.

Marsha's Chic Boutique
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6 maanden gebruiken de app
Reputon heeft geantwoord 9 mei 2022

Dear Customer,

Thank you for having time to write the review.

We haven't received any emails from you regarding any problems you had. Please, contact us at to help you.

Reputon Team

22 september 2021

I dont like the fake reviews and testimonies when I first set the widget up. I shared the link for more reviews I hope that the fake reviews don't deter anyone.

My Brother's Cookies
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5 maanden gebruiken de app
Reputon heeft geantwoord 23 september 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are very sorry to know you had issues with our app.

Those are sample reviews to demonstrate app capabilities. You are supposed to delete them and get real reviews with our review form.

Reputon Team

8 augustus 2022

gostei mais ainda estou testando,leva algum tempo para todas as configurações basicas de funcionamento

Nerd Peculiar Store
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Reputon heeft geantwoord 8 augustus 2022


Espero que você esteja bem.

Não recebemos nenhum e-mail seu com problemas que você tem

Você pode fornecer detalhes disso?

Procuramos oferecer o melhor suporte aos nossos clientes. Por favor, envie-nos um e-mail para


Reputon Team

8 april 2023

Unsatisfied with the customer support, very slow customer service or never got response from there end.

Bon & Cly
2 maanden gebruiken de app
Reputon heeft geantwoord 10 april 2023

Hello, we apologize for the delay in our response. This weekend we experienced a higher than normal volume of support requests due to an unexpected increase in demand for our apps. That's why request processing time has been increased to 24 hours.

17 juni 2022

v less customization options, no background no color change, and continously pops up with review adding
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Reputon heeft geantwoord 19 juni 2022


Thank you for the review. We are sorry to know you have had not satisfied with our widget.

Kindly note, that there is a guide to Custom CSS changes for background color and other CSS classes, such as text, borders, etc. The link can be found above of the CSS form.

Unfortunately, the image can't be used as a background for the widget.

Reputon team

Bewerkt 18 augustus 2022

El idioma de la página cuando se escanea el código QR está en inglés, a pesar de haber seleccionado el idioma español

Fauna Live Life
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Reputon heeft geantwoord 18 augustus 2022

Actualizado: hemos agregado soporte multilingüe para código QR y comentarios para revisión

Estimado cliente,

Lamentamos el malentendido. Actualmente, solo los widgets se pueden mostrar en español. La página con el código QR todavía está en inglés, pero la actualizaremos lo antes posible.

Reputon Team