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All-in-one Solution: LTV, Segments, Cohort Analysis, Reporting

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100+ built-in Analyses

The must-have analyses for every successful brand, in one analytics app.

AI Predictions & Forecasts

Unique AI-powered forecasts and predictions on churn & LTV.

Insights & Segmentation

Create segments and sync them to marketing audiences in Klaviyo or Facebook.

Sobre RetentionX Analytics

Access to all the Analytics that are Critical to the Success of your Brand

Best practice customer analysis for eCommerce. All of RetentionX's reports are ready to go, eliminating the need for a BI or data science specialist.

Customer Lifetime Value from Every Angle

The Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) shows you the actual net profit of each acquired customer throughout their lifetime. You can evaluate the LTV using various parameters such as marketing campaign, city, product, and any other segment. With our integrated LTV prediction, you can instantly discover the LTV of a customer acquired today which could otherwise take years.

Create and Synchronize Customer Segments

With our powerful segmentation module, you can create segments of top customers, bargain hunters, or customers who are due for their next order. Launch targeted campaigns by syncing your customer segments with your favorite marketing tools like Facebook Ads or Klaviyo.

Identify and Avoid Bargain Hunters and One-Time Buyers

Use segmentation to identify the worst customers and exclude them from your remarketing campaigns. Additionally, create lookalike audiences to avoid acquiring similar customers in the future.

Connect Multiple Stores and Benchmark Them

Access a central overview of the performance of all your stores and compare the KPIs of each. With our merge feature, you can combine all your stores into one analytics view, and discover which customers have purchased from multiple stores.

Determine Which Products Your Customers Will Buy Next

With our product marketing journey, you can observe which products your customers tend to buy together or as a follow-up purchase, depending on which product they chose first. Leverage this information by creating targeted marketing flows.

Marketing Analytics with Google Ads & Facebook Ads Integrations

Stop flying blind. RX has the power to add new dimensions to your performance marketing channels. Get LTV, AOV, your share of new and existing customers, and all your favorite KPIs for every single channel and campaign. Determine which marketing channels are generating the most valuable customers today, regardless of CAC.

Measure the Success of Your Reactivation Campaigns with Cohort Analysis

Cohorts are the perfect tool to track your customer retention performance. Measure their LTV evolution over time and identify when your marketing has broken even.

Diagnose the Risk of Losing Customers with Churn Prediction

Every customer is different. RX monitors individual customer behavior daily and calculates the risk of losing each customer. Take action for high-value customers most at risk.

Clean Your Data

Eliminate any orders from employees, tests, or other sources that skew your data.

Integração com

  • Klaviyo,
  • ReCharge,
  • Facebook,
  • Google Ads,
  • Zendesk,
  • Mailchimp

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  • 100+ Analyses
  • Email Reports
  • Unlimited Seats & Role-Based Access
  • Data & Chart Export



  • All Lite Features
  • 10 Customer Segments
  • LTV & Churn Predictions
  • Forecasts
  • Google & Facebook Ads Integration



  • All Standard Features
  • 30 Customer Segments
  • Multi-Store Sync
  • Full Integration Access
  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions

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RetentionX ist genau das, was ein Online-Shop an Analytics benötigt. Auf den Punkt und laufende Weiterentwicklung. Wer die App nicht nutzt, verschenkt wertvolles Potential.

MUD Jeans

Very in-depth analysis of our data. Great options to personalise segments and most important; aggregate your different stores into one dashboard. Support is the best I found so far amongst the various apps. Alex and and his team provide instant feedback and follow up. Recommended!


Superb app with excellent features and by far the best value for money when it comes to data analysis.