Return Magic

Return Magic


Top-rated return solution. Make your returns magical!


Automatically generate your own branded portal. Automate cash & gift card refunds, support exchanges.


Autogenerate & print labels from over 50 carriers worldwide. Provide multiple refund options to enhance the shopping experience.


Create smart rules: advanced analytics & rules engine to personalize the return experience. Increase customer LTV and profit.

Return Magicの詳細情報

Top-rated return solution. Takes the pain out of returns for both merchants and shoppers.

Why Return Magic?

  • Create your branded return portal. Customize colors, text and CSS.
  • Provide a choice between refunds on the original payment method, gift card refunds and exchanges for ultimate convenience.
  • Increase gift card refunds and improve your cash flow.
  • Translate in your local language / support multi-language (beta).
  • Create smart rules to protect profit.
  • Get actionable insights with advanced analytics (beta).

How does Return Magic work?

Return Magic integrates with your Shopify or Shopify Plus store to create a seamless return experience for your customers. Using Return Magic, you will be able to easily refund your clients on their original payment method (including Amazon Payments, Shopify Payments, etc.), process exchanges or issue new gift card refunds. But don't worry: Return Magic doesn't automatically refund your customers, you always need to approve any transaction!

How does Return Magic impact the look of your store?

Return Magic creates a return portal on your store that sits on your own domain. The return portal is automatically branded to your store and integrates seamlessly. The app does not affect the performance of your store in any way.

How do I get started with Return Magic?

Our promise? In under 10 minutes, you will be able to set up a magic return experience for your customers. Merchants save a lot of time by simplifying and automating the return process.


  • We integrate with several order and shipping systems - get in touch.,
  • Shipstation,
  • Easypost,
  • Shippo,
  • Canada Post,
  • Several Others






料金 30日間の無料体験

Basic Plan


Usage based fee scales with return volume.

  • Under 10 returns a month

  • All basic features available

  • Add-on features available

  • Cost of the labels not included

* すべての料金は米ドルで請求されます。 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定額料金は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Superfit Hero

I'm not one for writing bad reviews but I know how busy shop owners are and I'm hoping I can spare you some wasted time. This app is full of bugs and SSL errors so it's impossible to even set up. Support is utterly unresponsive. Return Magic was acquired by Shopify in 2018 so I assume they are integrating the technology locally and killing the external app? Whatever the reason, Return Magic is already dead. Don't waste your time.

Oliver Jane Ltd

I used this app, initially great, however after a couple of months, it stopped automatically generating the pre paid postal slip via easy post, I tried to get in contact over three times with no response, after writing this review, the customer support team were more than helpful, if not excellent, its a shame it took us writing this Post! Equally a shame it does not integrate with Royal Mail - UK's biggest courier!

Doughnuts & Deadlifts

TL;DR : customer service is terrible and non responsive. App is not suited to Medium-Large stores.

We installed Return Magic on January 16th, 2019. The next day I reached out to them for help with integrating the app with our Shipstation, because no carrier options were populating when I went to integrate with our Shipstation account. Clara was initially quick to respond with trouble shooting questions, and then said that she would need to involve their engineering team and would get back to me.

One week later and I hadn't received a response, so I followed up with her. It took her 3 days to respond with "I don't understand what is taking [the engineering team] so long. I will ask for an update tomorrow".

It took two days to get another response, but she just asked for our Shipstation API keys for the engineering team to test with. A few days later, Clara informed me that because we have so many carrier accounts in our Shipstation (we fulfill for a number of other businesses) the calls to retrieve the carrier info from Shipstation time out before we can actually select a carrier for the integration. So she said they would try to optimize the code on their end, which could take a couple more days or weeks. That was on February 1st.

February 11th, I requested an update. February 13th, Clara presented another option: the engineering team could add our carrier account to our ReturnMagic app manually themselves.

February 18th she informed me that our Shipstation should be connected. I immediately went to try it out, and found that they connected the incorrect Carrier/Shipstation storefront. I responded to her same day to notify her of this issue, and have received NO RESPONSES since then!

I followed up March 11th, to request an update. No response. Followed up again March 26th for an update and to let them know that this was their last chance before I uninstalled the app and found another solution. No response. Emailed on April 15th to officially inform her that we were leaving Return Magic and to make sure we weren't charged any of the base fees. No response.

We were really looking forward to using Return Magic, and the dashboard looks great on the backend, so this was very disappointing. We do not suggest this app unless you are a very small store/small production who is not seeking helpful customer support.