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6 novembre 2020

A very powerful tool to segment clients via RFM method and analyse deeply all ecommerce datas. Highly recommended for marketing managers.

Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
8 febbraio 2021

Great demo by Teodor and I can really see a potential and the value of the platform. Teodor and the Reveal team are taking the retention game to a whole nother level. We are seriously gonna give a try!

Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Omniconvert SRL ha risposto 25 febbraio 2021

Thank you for the positive input! Reveal has everything you need to know about customer retention and the tools you need to scale your business. Thank you for giving us a try!

27 novembre 2020

We have got a great insight into our business using this app. And the team also supported us in a great way by creating a presentation with our data and helped us understand the app. Thank you, team.

Exotic Flora
Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
14 maggio 2021

I have been using this App and is great.
It gives you valuable insight information about your customers.
This App will help you growth and improve your business performance.
The team also provides an Amazing Support. Thank you Paul and Oana !!

Stati Uniti
Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Omniconvert SRL ha risposto 14 maggio 2021

Thank you for your positive review! Using the insights Reveal provides is a clear path to business growth and they will help you figure out the best strategies for your company. And our onboarding team is prepared to guide you through the platform and help you extract what you need.

11 settembre 2020

Great app and an even better team. Teodor and his team have done an exceptional job by creating an app that shows data in such a clear and conscience manner. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking at making key decisions based on data!

Laumière Gourmet Fruits
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1 luglio 2020

This will saves hours per month on constructing customer insight models and that's before the potential returns from focusing on the right customers, tackling products/brands that are pulling down NPS and such like. What cracks it though, is the passion with which the omniconvert team are clearly bringing to the table - they're all in! The next six months should be fun and rewarding!

Regno Unito
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21 novembre 2020

The customer support team is really helpful, while giving a product tour they made sure that I understand everything in detail.

The Artment - Home Decor Shop Online
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26 ottobre 2020

Reveal has completely helped us get a full scope of who our customers are and provide us accurate data in order to pull an analysis of where we are falling short with our customers and areas we can improve. If you are struggling to see a full picture of your customers and wanting to get more detailed info, I highly recommend Reveal!!

100% PURE
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27 novembre 2020

LOVE this app! So helpful for customer segmentation, and there's incredible amount of support and advice on behalf of the team. 100% recommend.

Dafero Superfoods
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19 settembre 2020

If you are into E-commerce and not conducting RFM analysis regularly, you are probably losing money and have no clue about it. Reveal is the solution that will take care of the analysis down to providing all the information for acting upon. Note that we were doing this analysis on our own, time to deliver, errors in the process and limited capacity to go through the results in detail we were considering stop doing at all. Luckily we discovered Reveal and it was like adding two analysts in our team. Twice as much lucky as we found out we were losing good business due to an easily solvable problem. ROI life/death. How much is that?
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