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19 novembre 2020

The say they have a free plan but once you download the app, there are no real services to try the app because guess what? You guessed it, you have to upgrade $20 or upgrade period to use ANY OF THEIR FEATURES. It so unfair developers that say they are offering a free service or element platform to just download their app when really nothing is free -- so you spend precious time, which is so important on clicking here and there, reading their confusing guides to final realize it was a SHELL GAME. I wish Shopify will create a compliance review to CHECK every APP developer before they go live and thereafter - if you say free what is it and are they ACTUALLY listing that on their app store -- - otherwise it does a disservice to those of us that are EXTREMELY too busy to waste time on app with not providing accurately what they are offering. This app needs to say paid plans only.

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WEE ECOMMERCE SLU ha risposto 19 novembre 2020

Hi Moliae, that's not correct. We have a free plan than can be used forever with the main features. Review collecting, displaying in your website, etc.

Furthermore, once you register in our website, you automatically get a free account and you can start using our service.

If you have any issues and you want some help to make it work, we can help you.

Hope you get in touch with us to solve the missunderstanding.

Best regards