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9. Dezember 2022

Before finding Rivo, I went through most of the other apps with popup solutions, but they were either lacking features or the backend was too complicated. I am glad to have discovered this app because not only does it cover all the features we need for our store, it also has a great backend for setup and settings. To top it off, the customer service is top-notch, Jel helped me out very quickly during the setup process. I am happy to make a recommendation!

DK medical
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Rivo hat geantwortet 12. Dezember 2022

Thank you so much for the wonderful review and thoughtful feedback! 🤩 We're so grateful to customers like you for using our app. If you need further assistance along the way, please don't hesitate to let us know. Here at Rivo, keeping our customers happy is our number one priority. 🎉 Cheers, Kevin

13. November 2022

Chat was super helpful and quick so I see why so many people use it! I like the option of percentage or amount and the fact that you can add your own logo. I am a sucker for these sign ups on other websites so I wanted to incorporate my own!

Live Intentionally by Adriana
Vereinigte Staaten
4 monate mit der App
Rivo hat geantwortet 15. November 2022

We're so pleased that you had a great experience chatting with us. If you need anything else along the way, please don't hesitate to let us know. Our team will be happy to lend our hands anytime. 😃 Thanks, Kevin

11. März 2023

Rivo Saved my time in many ways, and customers love using discount codes for purchases. Their customer service is the fastest I ever see. Thank you again, and keep it up. Recommended for people without any experience of coding and small businesses

Kepia Pet Shop
Vereinigtes Königreich
5 monate mit der App
Rivo hat geantwortet 13. März 2023

We're delighted to hear that our platform has helped you save time and that your customers are enjoying the discount codes. We're also proud to have provided you with excellent customer service as we strive to provide fast and efficient support to all of our customers. We appreciate your recommendation and are always here to help you and your business grow.
Thanks, Kevin

26. April 2023

Wow, I've never experienced such AMAZING customer service before and what makes it even more amazing is not only this app is FREE but they helped me to customise it exactly how I wanted with custom css and that of course is using their valuable time! You guys are INCREDIBLE!

3 tage mit der App
Rivo hat geantwortet 28. April 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! we're thrilled that we could assist you in customizing the app to your liking. Thank you for your kind words and for using our app - we truly appreciate your support! - Lea, Rivo Support Manager

27. Juni 2023

I was immediately contacted by chat as soon as the app was installed. The rep not only answered all my questions but also made simple change on his end to make my site more professional. He sent me links with step by step instructions and answered all my questions. If the app works as great as the customer service rep this is score for my business!!

Sweet Southern Gals
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44 minuten mit der App
Rivo hat geantwortet 29. Juni 2023

Thank you for your kind review! It's great to hear that our team was quick to reach out and answer all your queries. We're always here to assist and provide top-notch support for your store! 🎉 - Lea, Rivo Support Manager

22. November 2022

We were looking for a simple but effective pop up app to help grow our email subscribers, and that's exactly what we got. The added bonus was the absolutely fantastic customer service on the chat function, it made everything even simpler and we can't thank you enough. Highly recommended

SUP Foods
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3 monate mit der App
Rivo hat geantwortet 22. November 2022

So glad that you love our app and services! 🙌 Thank you for the wonderful review, and we truly appreciate you helping to share the word about us! Cheers to success to you and your business! All the best, Kevin

27. April 2023

The Rivo app is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an email pop-up solution for their Shopify store. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, you can create attractive and effective pop-ups in a matter of minutes. Customer support is also exceptional, Arianne REALLY gives you an amazing support with quick and helpful responses. Overall, I recommend Rivo to anyone looking to increase their email conversions.

Box Encantado
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Rivo hat geantwortet 28. April 2023

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience! We're happy to hear that you find our app user-friendly. Our team is committed to providing excellent customer support. We appreciate your recommendation and look forward to continuing to help your business succeed. - Lea, Rivo Support Manager

5. November 2022

I am using this app to help make a pop up window on my shopify page. The customer service was very nice and helpful regarding how to remove things such as branding and getting access to a more custom look. They even left me a website suggestion which was very informative!

Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
Rivo hat geantwortet 8. November 2022

Thank you so much for choosing our app! 🤩 We're so excited to be part of your business growth and success! If you need anything at all, just let us know. All the best, Kevin

11. Januar 2023

Amazing and super fast customer service! I can't thank Abbie enough for not only helping me with my initial issue but also taking the time to give me multiple tips on how to improve my Shopify store, giving me awesome feedback and bringing my attention to issues I didn't realise were there! It's nice to speak to a real human and not a bot! Looking forward to using their service in the future. Thanks again Abbie, much appreciated!

7 monate mit der App
Rivo hat geantwortet 16. Januar 2023

Your kind words and positive feedback mean the world to us! Thank you so much for the review and we are always happy to help any time. 🌟 Best wishes, Kevin

5. Juli 2023

Super Awesome experience! Pete helped me out big time and even made suggestions that would help me with the look of my store. I am a newbie, so all the information he provided was much needed. Thanks again!

Belle Book Studio
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Rivo hat geantwortet 7. Juli 2023

Thanks a ton for the awesome review! Happy to know we could be of help. Thanks for choosing Rivo! 🙌 Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any more help!
- Lea & Rivo Team