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Data modifica: 6 giugno 2024

Update 2 : Encore un bug qui revient et qui rend l'expérience horrible pour nos clients car les colis ne sont pas tracké.
Update : Le service client n'a pas été ultra-efficace mais a su régler le souci pour le moment...

L'application fonctionne peut-être pour d'autres pays mais pour la France ce n’est vraiment pas fou. Près de 5 fois que je les contacte pour des bugs sur le tracking, l'application se trompe et attribue des commandes au mauvais transporteur par centaine. À chaque fois, le problème est résolu mais quelques semaines plus tard ça recommence...

Céladon Paris
9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 11 giugno 2024

Update - June 12th

Rush App casued THE SAME ISSUE which happened not long ago, where Klaviyo is not triggering the emails.

This time it has been almost 2 weeks, but they didn't even update the merchants.

Last time it happened, it took them 6+ weeks to fix the ongoing issue.


No compensation or anything. Disappointed AGAIN.


Rush App has failed to send out any of our push emails via Klaviyo for more than 6 weeks now. The problem hasn't been fixed and they won't even tell us how long it will take. They simple respond with "Our Dev is working on it, please be patient" every time I follow up with them. They are not taking care of merchants too well nowadays. I def do not recommend this app to other merchants who are serious about providing the best customer support for their customers.

Stati Uniti
11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
18 marzo 2024

It is becoming a nightmare to have this app. The team is highly ineffective in managing the issues- these issues are actually the basic features that they provide!!!!! This has been going on since 3 weeks and there is NO ISSUE THAT HAS BEEN RESOLVED yet!! We are still having their app & would update here before uninstalling if this continues.

Stati Uniti
20 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 9 giugno 2024

Update: the app has disconnected from Klaviyo once again so no events were being passed on which means no customers were notified of their shipments.
This has happened to me at least 5 times over the past months. I thought the new management had things under control but this is clearly not the case. Very upset customer. Time to move on to a reliable app.

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Quasi 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Rush ha risposto 8 aprile 2022

Hey JP,

I understand your disappointment! It’s important to us that our customers are more than satisfied. We immediately resolve this issue and applied special RegEx rules. If you give us a chance, we are intent on making this right and hope you will allow us to speak with you to discuss the situation.

I've contacted you via email and live chat to follow up with you. Please kindly have a check.

Looking forward to your reply.

Customer Success Lead

Data modifica: 22 dicembre 2023

Old review: This is the best order tracking Shopify app. I use it for all my e-commerce store and it prevents so many inconveniences. I love the team and the customer service. I will keep using this app and will download it for all my new stores.

New Review: Customer service became awful, UI still laggy, if I was doing this decision all over again I would avoid.

Noble Gents Club
Regno Unito
Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Rush ha risposto 6 aprile 2022

Hi Noble Gents,

We are sorry to see you change your 5-star review to 1-star because, after years of using the app, we do not offer the discounts that you got 3 years ago.

We change our plan policy each year, but we let all clients use the max on of the plan, as long as they stick to it.
We are happy to provide you with our top support and support all your stores.
However, discounts that you request to get, are not possible. The app changed dramatically in 3 years, and so did the pricing and support.

Cheers and happy holidays.

Santa Claus for repeat customers

Data modifica: 2 febbraio 2024

Great customer service by Ken Michael. I had a problem and he helped me fix it really fast. excited to use the app on my store
Edit: Changed from 5 stars to 1 star. after 1 year of use, the app has become unfunctional. I cannot change the carrier when the wrong carrier is assigned. The order does not show any update when in reality there are updates when I check from other websites with the same tracking number. The customer service is closing the chat on me without replying maybe because they are annoyed by me asking them to fix their app. The best app that i have on my store has now become the worst and is not hurting my business. Very unfortunate.

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Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
Rush ha risposto 13 settembre 2022


I am glad to hear that Ken Michael did his best to assist you! ❤️

If you need help lifting the revenue via parcel tracking page or shipping notifications. Let us know :) 😊

P.S. We just released a new feature where you can build a tracking page with drag and drop blocks! 🥳

Customer Success Lead

Data modifica: 1 febbraio 2024

App doesn't work, keeps having bugs, have huge amout of clients reaching out, its not sustainable

Koss Design -
10 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Rush ha risposto 19 maggio 2023

Dear Koss Design Team,

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with tracking link. We understand from your concerns that the tracking link sometimes directs you to the carrier's page instead of the Rush tracking page. This inconsistency has, understandably, affected your user experience, and for this we are deeply sorry.

We absolutely appreciate your concerns, and your experience matters greatly to us. That's why we promptly responded to your request for a refund during your recent chat with our customer support team, refunding you for a full month, no questions asked. Our ultimate aim is to ensure our customers' satisfaction and to avoid any feeling of being unfairly treated or "locked in."

In response to this issue, customer support had already notified our development team to thoroughly investigate the problem you're experiencing. We aim to identify if this issue is due to an interfering third-party app or an inconsistency within Rush itself. We expect this process could take up to a month, but please be assured that we are prioritizing transparency and open communication throughout this period.

At this time, we are in the midst of transitioning some of our notification services. This transition aims to provide improved notifications for all our customers, including yourself. Given the potential complications that may arise from interrupting this process, we ask for your understanding in needing some time to troubleshoot and correct the problem you've encountered. As the service in question that we need to revisit will be replaced by this new migration.

Please know, we genuinely understand your frustration and are committed to resolving the issues you've experienced as soon as we can allocate dedicated resources to the problem.

In the interim, if you choose to continue with Rush, we've outlined a temporary manual fix for the tracking URL:
1. Go to Order Details.
2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner and select 'Edit tracking'.
3. In the open model, manually update the URL to direct to your tracking page.
We truly value your patience during this time and thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,

Product Lead @ Rush

Data modifica: 17 dicembre 2021

Initially I gave this app 5 stars. The emails and status updates that we're setting up are so mission critical that there can't be any mistakes! Things like Order Confirmations and Out for Delivery are pretty important. In the last 30 days this app has been a total and epic FAIL. 1. We set it up to notify customers about package stalls - and it stopped working. Status pulls are incorrect.
2. The app dashboard is completely useless. Doesn't help you resolve anything that is stuck in transit.
3. the final and last straw which is SUPER EMBARASSING is that the "Track Your Package" link button stopped working in the emails to our customers. This is just inexcusable!

Bar & Cocoa
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7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Rush ha risposto 20 dicembre 2021

Hey Bar & Cocoa team, we apologize for the inconvenience that has occurred. Our dev team has resolved every issue that was reported. We hope to continue communication over chat, so we can help resolve any outstanding issues. We are here for you if you need us.

Data modifica: 22 novembre 2023

A NIGHTMARE! I was just trying to test it out since my previous app's customer service was so bad. But right upon downloading the Rush app, it completely ruined the current tracking app I was using to check orders. I'm used to apps asking for permission before doing this but it was overriding everything without consent. Also when the Rush app imported data of previous orders, the statuses were all completely wrong for all the orders. I uninstalled the app because it was not for me, and now I have to deal with my previous app's bad customer service. I only suggest this if you have no customers and you want to see if it is for you, this was a horrible app to use for transitioning tracking apps.

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Circa 11 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Rush ha risposto 21 novembre 2023

Hi Noelle,

I'm really sorry you had a bad time with our app. It sounds like you are frustrated and referring to a negative experience with another tracking app, which I did not understand how it relates to us.

Our app doesn't change things as standard. All options to change need to be set explicitly. On install Rush.App - only listen for orders and track shipments on our shipments page. Thats it.

The problem with the wrong order statuses is not what we expect from our app. As we track correct carrier assignments, we have a 99.7% correct rate, so you are in 0.3% that we were not able to recognize - in this case, we don't set statuses. Or statuses are set from another application in your store.

Also for us to set order statuses in Shopify - you need to explicitly set to update Shopify Shipment statuses, as this is not done as default.

I understand why you removed our app. But if you give us a chance, we'd like to help fix what went wrong. We can talk over a video call to figure it out.

To help you, we need the app to be installed. If you want to try again, let us know, and we'll do our best to sort things out, even if the issues, as stated in the feedback, do not seem to be caused by our app.

I know how frustrating can be to set all things to work correctly, especially when you are on your way to do business - and all should be perfect. We can help you out, we are already 4+ years on the market and have seen a lot, let us know if you want a helping hand. All in all - we are here to help.


26 ottobre 2023

I installed the app and started configuring my tracking page. I tried testing the app to see if it actually worked, and it ate up 3 of my credits. I reached out to support and their response was that my credits would refresh within a month. Really? I can't even test your app without using up my credits???

I'm seriously not impressed with the way this company will nickel-and-dime you to death with their credit system. I have used other tracking apps in the past, and they did not operate this way. Stay away from these guys. You'll get better value for your money elsewhere.

The Knickknack Shack by Darthside LLC
Stati Uniti
Circa 2 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Rush ha risposto 28 ottobre 2023

Hi, this is Slav, Product Lead,

I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience. It was just escalated.
We checked, and we saw there were 3 shipments marked as used out of 50 from the FREE plan. I'm happy to double your shipment quota for the first few months for you to "tried testing the app". There is also a 3-month free plan for stores that are just starting out.

If you want to try it again, let us know, and we will help you to your satisfaction. I'm also happy to jump with you on a call and help you with the setup.

Good luck in the upcoming BFCM season.