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3 juli 2024


We've been using this app for almost two years. Everything was fine at the beginning when the app was owned by Slav and Gabriel, the founders. I mean, there were definitely errors and glitches, but they were promptly resolved after contacting support. However, after the founders sold the app to another company, the whole experience turned into a nightmare.

Every other day, I received complaints from my customer service department stating the tracking didn't work. I had to contact app customer support multiple times, tagging and following up on the issue on Slack, and opening tickets on their live chat app support. All responses I got were "I'll have to check with the dev." And then, months would go by without a reply. Not to mention, we were charged for every single order fulfilled, even if the tracking doesn't work, sometimes even twice (since they also apparently have some problems with quota management!!! OR "Rush will be tracking two tracking numbers (the first mile and the last mile), consuming two shipments from your quota.").

I switched to another tracking app, which I installed and configured within 20 minutes. It's a lot cheaper too. My customer service department is happy, and so are the customers.

So, if you're currently looking for a tracking solution for your store, I recommend you stay away and choose a more reputable, affordable, and effective option. These guys used to be a good tracking app, but unfortunately, not anymore. Cheers.

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26 juni 2024

I keep having bugs after bugs
first I had for months issues for their klavyio integration
then I had another issue when client were clicking on their tracking, they had a 404 error message
now the biggest issue, the tracking page is not being updated at all from the original tracking page
it causes me so much stress and so MUCH work to my customer service department, without even mentioning the dame on my brand.
Really stressful and scary times, I hope this will never happen to any other merchants.

Koss Design
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1 juli 2024


I had a good experience in the past with Rush. However, since about a month the e-mail flows that they created for me don't work anymore. Unfortunately, I discovered this too late. As a result I lost thousands of Euros due to disputes, as my customers were not being updated.

Since then I've been in contact with their support almost on a daily basis, but it's absolutely useless. In the past their support was pretty good, but they seem to be outsourcing their support now and it's absolutely horrible. I'm stuck in an endless loop of people who don't seem to understand what is going on and never really solve anything.

One of the worst experiences ever.
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26 juni 2024

The app unfortunately since beginning June approximately doesn't work anymore! The tracking page gives no update whatsoever. I've contacted them many days and am still waiting for it to be fixed. A tool that I pay for to have less customer emails finally creates a lot of emails and negative customer feedback, this is not acceptable!

Rior Design International
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10 juli 2024

Since they got taken over by Hulk Apps this app is garbage and doesn't work. Stay away from it. Use the Track123 app instead for a better working alternative.

Hongkong SAR van China
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19 juni 2024

The app functioned for about 1 month, in late may 2024, my tracking stopped working, didn't notice it until 10th of june, when customers began contacting me regarding their tracking.

The conversation with Rush to fix it was met with a person who didn't understand their own app, so I had to guide them through what the app does through screenshots.

They said they would have to contact their developer to fix it. I then asked about the dev 3 days after that if he is available, and no, he was not, but they would be really urgent! 4 days after that, still no contact, no updates.

It looked more promising than what it was. The worst part about it is that I have no control to do fixes myself.

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Bewerkt 11 juni 2024

Update - June 12th

Rush App casued THE SAME ISSUE which happened not long ago, where Klaviyo is not triggering the emails.

This time it has been almost 2 weeks, but they didn't even update the merchants.

Last time it happened, it took them 6+ weeks to fix the ongoing issue.


No compensation or anything. Disappointed AGAIN.


Rush App has failed to send out any of our push emails via Klaviyo for more than 6 weeks now. The problem hasn't been fixed and they won't even tell us how long it will take. They simple respond with "Our Dev is working on it, please be patient" every time I follow up with them. They are not taking care of merchants too well nowadays. I def do not recommend this app to other merchants who are serious about providing the best customer support for their customers.

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25 juni 2024

the app is so bad ! it does not track orders and do not support many carriers! plus the tracking page is slow !
customer service are bad they tell you that they will resolve the problems then disappear and once you say that you will leave a bad review they start working on resolving the issue

Error 404 Shop
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18 maart 2024

It is becoming a nightmare to have this app. The team is highly ineffective in managing the issues- these issues are actually the basic features that they provide!!!!! This has been going on since 3 weeks and there is NO ISSUE THAT HAS BEEN RESOLVED yet!! We are still having their app & would update here before uninstalling if this continues.

Verenigde Staten
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Bewerkt 6 juni 2024

Update 2 : Encore un bug qui revient et qui rend l'expérience horrible pour nos clients car les colis ne sont pas tracké.
Update : Le service client n'a pas été ultra-efficace mais a su régler le souci pour le moment...

L'application fonctionne peut-être pour d'autres pays mais pour la France ce n’est vraiment pas fou. Près de 5 fois que je les contacte pour des bugs sur le tracking, l'application se trompe et attribue des commandes au mauvais transporteur par centaine. À chaque fois, le problème est résolu mais quelques semaines plus tard ça recommence...

Céladon Paris
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