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14. květen 2022

There are aspects of this review app that are very good. The control over the look and feel of the review and Q&A widgets is excellent. However, there are several areas where the developer could improve. We're having significant issues with spam reviews or Q&A entries (ie: a question with 1 character, submitted over and over again). The developer has ignored our request for help with spam filtering. It had gotten so bad at one point that we were forced to disable the Q&A function. We'd also like to see the ability for reviews or Q&A to be shared automatically across more than one product. There are situations, especially with the Q&A function, where the questions are applicable across a wide range of nearly identical products. Our previous review app on our old shopping cart did allow this feature.

The Mattress & Sleep Company
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 15. květen 2022

Hi there,

My name's Yen from the Ryviu support team. We appreciate your feedback and sincerely apologize for the problem you encountered.

We have already contacted you privately to assist you in resolving that issue. Please check your inbox so that we can continue to help you.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

9. prosinec 2020

It was working well until now. I am on the free plan and have imported reviews on maybe 10 products but for some reason the reviews are not showing for the recent products I'm trying to add them to.

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 9. prosinec 2020

Hi there,

Dan here from Ryviu

Can you go to our Live Chat and let us know what's exactly your issue so we can fix it for you?

Best Regards,

Ryviu team

19. listopad 2020

I've installed this app for it's function and look. It sure is but it's such a hassle dealing with the installation, setup, and their customer service. They are always with you but it takes a long time for the issue to be fixed. I've chatted 3 times so far and the issue of display is still not fixed. I feel bad on leaving this negative experience here but it's just stupid to experience this. I've upgraded to their paid plan and by comparing the support I had when I was still in the free plan is not satisfactory. In fact, the support I got when I upgraded was worst! All in all, I'd still recommend this app but in my case, I've experience one or probably the worst experience in setting up a paid app.

Astrata Health Solutions
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18. listopad 2020

This App has great effect on the store's speed score, its very disappointing to see my speed score drop down crazy when I apply this app, however it seems the score is not that accurate because the actual speed of opening a product page is still fast, why?

Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 18. listopad 2020

Hi there,

Dan here from Ryviu team.

Our app is using Shopify API and it always loads after your site has fully loaded only so it cannot affect the store's score.

Best Regards,

Dan from Ryviu

11. červenec 2020

Application is Excellent, they just need to work on the settings they are lot of options that are not clear to enable and disable them, especially widgets

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17. duben 2020

This is not a very ideal application, comments can be displayed on the computer webpage, but the mobile phone can not be displayed

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 17. duben 2020

Hi there,

Reviews can be displayed on both webpage and mobile devices. The issue is the internet firewall of your country (China) is blocking the script of our app.

Best Regards,

Ryviu team

13. leden 2020

its free, but limit you to 20 reviews only, also if you delete those, you can't upload anything ever again because you used your limit.
if you are using for a free solution, this isn't it.

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2. prosinec 2019

APP works but customer support sucks, how do you message me rite away then completely ignore my response? time is money and i don't think they understand that.

surreal vibes
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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 2. prosinec 2019

Hi there,

Here's Tuyen from Ryviu. I know it had been frustrating for you to wait like this when you want to get your job done.

This happened because of the different time zones, but this is no reason to make you wait for 2 hours. I was happy when you said that you could fix this issue via email. I hope you can understand that we always try our best to assist you as soon as possible. Please contact us via our Live Chat widget to get further assistance if you got other problems. Thanks in advance!