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4. elokuu 2021

EXTREMELY CONFUSING APP! How do all these app developers expect for store owners to guess what each function is for? The functions messed up every campaign with something different. You guys have to make videos to explain what each thing is for! And they're not on USA time so they respond to each email every 24 hours, HOW FRUSTRATING!

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HeartCoding vastasi 23. syyskuu 2021

Dear Jainmy, thank you for taking the time to write a review, this is very much appreciated. We are very sad you have had trouble with understanding the functions of our app in the beginning and additionally that our response time was not within your preferred timeline (in the support section we state that a response could take up to 24 hours). To avoid those problems we always suggest to run a test campaign to get to know all the functions before starting your „live“ promotion. Nevertheless we are glad we could clarify all the open topics in our detailed dialog. We are very happy that you are now a satisfied user of our product and of course we will be here for you, if there should be any questions in the future. In the meantime all the best and kind regards.

27. marraskuu 2021

Very slow sync. It took about 15 minutes for the app to completely revert the price of 974 items in my store and while being synced some customers were able to checkout the automatically discounted items with new discount codes which are supposed to run at the time the automatic discounts end. Caused some losses. I would not recommend this app for stores with large inventories or with high traffic.

12 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
HeartCoding vastasi 30. marraskuu 2021

Thank you for taking the time and writing a review. We are sad to hear our app did not work as fast as you might have expected. Our speed for product adjustments is limited by Shopify at a theoretical max of 2 products per second.
From our log files I can see that your sale campaign needed a bit more than 12 minutes to finish - this equals to 1.35 products per second.
The small discrepancy is on purpose as our scripts double validate a product has successfully been adjusted.
From our point of view the time you have to wait for a sale campaign to finish comes as an advantage for your customers because we don’t inject any scripts into your theme and do NOT slow down your storefront.
From our experience we are still one of the fastest and most reliable apps in the market and we would be surprised if there is a significantly quicker way to adjust this size of information. We hope you had a good BFCM nevertheless and wish you all the best for the future! Kind regards

2. helmikuu 2021

App is erratic. with discounts falling off. Currently only two of them are working. I have contacted the developers with no response back

3 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
HeartCoding vastasi 8. helmikuu 2021

Dear Catherine, we are very sad about your review but there seems to be a huge communication problem. We’ve contacted you immediately after your first email (14th of January, 00:39) with answering your mail directly (14th of Jan, 08:37). But obviously this email did not find you. Since then we tried to reach you with various email addresses (on our side as well as on your side) many times and wrote you on social media as well. Could you please tell us were we could communicate with you? It seems you have deinstalled our app before stopping the sales created with it - this might have caused problems. We are here and happy to help whenever you give us the chance to do so. Thanks so much in advance and kind regards!

Muokattu 11. tammikuu 2022

after i accidentally pressed start now button i can't even cancel or stop sale campaign until all products price replace to sale price.
If you have large number of items and large sales it is really painful to use.

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HeartCoding vastasi 30. marraskuu 2021

Dear Jemiremi, thank you for taking the time and writing a review. We are very sad you did not respond to our immediate email as we would have helped you instantly. We decided to not offer an intervention feature during the synching process on purpose as this would cause a lot of potential conflicts we do not want to strain our customers with. If you have any further questions we are always happy to help! In the meantime all the best and kind regards