Sales pop‑up booster

Sales pop‑up booster

作成: Hubify Apps

Display Sales Notification & Countdown Timer to boost orders


Show Sales & Countdown Offers

Automatically display recent orders of your store & Countdown offers on the product detail page to attract visitor attention.

Build Trust & Increase AOV

Sales pop-ups show visitors that your store is popular & trustworthy. Increase your conversion rate with real-time sales notifications

Easy Customization

You can easily customize the sales notification bar and Countdown offer notification to match your theme.

Sales pop‑up boosterの詳細情報

Display recent or most popular products purchased by customers and show countdown offer notification on the product page to increase sales.

Most of the visitors leave the store because they are uncertain about buying something on a new online store. When visitors see that other people are buying from this store, they will feel much more comfortable making their first purchase with you. Sales pop-up displays live sales or most recent orders fulfilled on the store.

You can also encourage customers by showing a countdown notification on the product page. Countdown timers help convince visitors that right now is the time to buy. Create a fully customizable sales notification bar & countdown offers.

Show Sales Notification Bar

Automatically display recent orders to boost your sales on your online store. The sales notification bar feature will build trust by letting your store's visitors know what your customers are ordering. This is fully customizable to match your theme, and can also control your notifications display time, delay, and more.

Countdown Offer Notification

Display a countdown timer on your product details page. No one wants to miss a good deal & offers. Let your customers know when the sale or the offers are available with the start & end date. It ultimately increases sales in your stores. You can customize the countdown sales timer and update settings easily from the admin panel.

You can set one countdown offer at a time.

Revenue Analytics

It shows on the dashboard, How many visitors see the sales notifications bar, how many clicks that notifications, and orders(revenue) generated by the sales notifications. We also display the top 5 orders generated by the notifications.

Easy Customization

You can easily customize the sales notification bar and Countdown offer notification to match your theme. You have complete control over the color combination, text, label, and time duration.

As an admin, you can enable & disable sales notifications any time from the dashboard.






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  • Unlimited Products Search
  • Advanced product filter
  • Smart searches
  • Fully Customizable
  • Enable & Disable option
  • Search Analytics
  • Quick support

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