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Incerc de cateva ore bune sa iau legatura cu echipa de la dar nu imi raspunde nimeni.
Am incercat cu cei din chat suportul de la shopify sa setam livrarea in easy box si la domiciliu, dar la livrare in easybox nu ne apare optiunea de a selecta locatia locker.
Mai jos va transmit tot ce mi au comunicat si incercat cei de la shopify:
So here is the problems that i see. The checkout additional scripts are not working even though we followed their instruction. We made some adjustments too. but their javascript is not working in our checkouts, here are the corrections that we made, allow me to list this down

Adjusted the shipingMethodId to shippingMethodId : due to spelling error; did not work
Adjusted the shipingMethodId to MethodId following one of the comments in the app ; did not work
Upon doing the adjustments above we made sure that the changes was applied to the wholes snippet; did not work
Tried removing the other ShippingMethodID and left the Easybox to see if it will work; did not work
tried adjusting the ID to and make sure that it is case sensitive Easybox, easyBox, EasyBox; none of them worked.
attempted to identify the script and adjust some settings like the style display, adjusted it to these values; block, inline, flex; no changes

Bucovina Xpress Shop

nu reusesc sa integrez aplicatia pe plan basic..pacat
Nu reusesc nici cu easybox sa isi aleaga clientii

Kawaii Store
Samedayが返信しました 2024年3月4日

Buna ziua,

Va rog sa ne detaliati problema pe adresa
In email va rog sa adaugati si printscreen-uri cu setarile aplicatiei.

O zi buna!


Error fixed by Sameday admin team

After successful authentication, when i press "refresh services" i get the error message below;
I cleared my browser cookies and cache, tried a different browser - no result

"Oops! An Error Occurred
The server returned a "500 Internal Server Error".
Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused."

Zeta Dancewear
Samedayが返信しました 2024年3月4日


This type of errors need to be checked case by case.
Please write us an email at and we will check the details.
In your email, please add the name of your company, the Sameday username and printscreens from the app (Settings tab and the Services tab).

Thank you!

Sameday APP Support team


- la Settings daca nu completezi campul Locker Max Items nu te poti autentifica - serverul returneaza eroare 422

- la activarea unui Serviciu, aveti formularea: "Free price - Complete with 0 if you don't want to give free price" ... Zero daca nu vreau Free Price? si daca vreau Free Price completez cu 100 ??

Samedayが返信しました 2024年3月27日

Buna ziua,

Campul Free Price se refera la pragul de gratuitate pentru produsele din cos. In momentul in care produsele din cos ating sau depasesc pragul setat de dumneavoastra, livrarea devine gratuita. In cazul in care nu doriti sa oferiti un prag de gratuitate, completati campul cu 0.

O zi buna!


apare eroarea aceasta Carrier Calculated Shipping must be enabled for your store before enabling: Sameday Courier, cum se poate rezolva
Samedayが返信しました 2023年12月6日

Buna ziua,

Mesajul respectiv este generat de Shopify, nu de aplicatia Sameday. Mesajul apare pentru ca abonamentul dumneavoastra Shopify nu include extraoptiunea de preluare automata a metodelor de transport. Puteti adauga metodele de transport manual prin accesarea Settings > Shipping and delivery > Manage, apoi scroll la Shipping to si click pe Add rate. Dupa ce adaugati un nume si un pret pentru metoda de transport, click pe Done. Scriptul copiat din SamedayApp in Checkout and Accounts > Additional scripts, trebuie sa fie modificat folosind un cuvant cheie din numele metodei de transport creata anterior.
Nume initial scrip: contains 'Courier-LN'
Nume modificat: contains 'Easybox'
Scriptul este case sensitive iar din acest motiv, cuvantul cheie trebuie sa fie scris identic ca in numele metodei de transport creata anterior.

In cazul in care va putem ajuta si cu alte solicitari legate de aplicatia SamedayApp, va rugam sa ne scrieti la adresa

O zi buna!


Buna ziua! Am tot incercat sa ma loghez la primul pas dar nu ma lasa si imi zice autentificare esuata. Ce as putea face?

Samedayが返信しました 2024年3月4日

Buna ziua,

Pentru testarea credentialelor dar si pentru alte situatii pe care le intampinati in aplicatie, va rog sa ne scrieti pe adresa

O zi buna!


Dear Team!

I would like to ask for help with setting up the Sameday application.
I installed it, entered the password for all parameters, and it won't let me activate it.
I go to the import carrier and this is what it says.

Carrier Calculated Shipping must be enabled for your store before enabling: Sameday Courier

Thank you.
Gábor Klenovszki

GO Health
Samedayが返信しました 2023年12月6日

Dear Gábor,

The message is generated by Shopify, not by the Sameday app. The message is there because your Shopify subscription does not include the option to automatically retrieve shipping methods from transport carrier apps. You can add shipping methods manually by accessing Settings > Shipping and delivery > Manage, then scroll to Shipping to and click on Add rate. After adding a name and a price for the transport method, click on Done. The script copied from SamedayApp in Checkout and Accounts > Additional scripts, must be modified using a keyword from the name of the previously created transport method.
Initial scrip name: contains 'Courier-LN'
Changed name: contains 'Easybox'
The script is case sensitive and for this reason, the keyword must be written identically to the name of the previously created transport method.

If we can help you with other requests related to the SamedayApp, please send us an email at

Have a good day!


Does this app supports Sameday Bulgaria?

Samedayが返信しました 2023年12月6日


The app is compatible with Sameday Bulgaria.

Best regards!


Nou: Am remediat problema, funcționează acum.
Vechi: Nu funcționează decât cu cel mai scump abonament shopify. Prin urmare clienții nu pot folosi funcția easybox.

MG Medicinist
Samedayが返信しました 2023年7月4日

Aplicatia SamedayApp functioneaza si pentru pachetul Basic.


Am reusit sa folosim app-ul si pe cel mai ieftin plan shopify. Am adaugat un shipping rate nou denumit 'EasyBox' si am adaugat codul recomandat de ei in sectiunea Additional scripts din setari > Checkout. Trebuie doar facuta o modificare : {% if checkout.shipping_method.title contains 'EasyBox' %}