SavvyCube Analytics & Reports

SavvyCube Analytics & Reports

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Sales & profit analytics, custom reports, forecasting

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Know Your Profitability

See how much revenue and profit you get from each order, product, collection, customer, country, marketing channel, and more.

Track Product Performance

Learn which of your products sell best, which ones have biggest profit margins, and which ones get refunded the most.

Get Customer Insights

See who your most loyal and profitable customers are, where they are coming from, and what they are buying.

Su SavvyCube Analytics & Reports

Get the right answers, make better decisions, improve the bottom line.

SavvyCube lets you instantly see how your ecommerce business is doing and empowers you to make data-driven decisions. Get insights that will help you make a better merchandising strategy, run a more effective marketing campaign, or can simply bring your focus to somethings that requires your immediate attention.

How SavvyCube works

SavvyCube aggregates and consolidates your sales data from Shopify and Magento, your marketing data from Google Analytics, and your fees data from Shopify and PayPal, providing you with a comprehensive view of your ecommerce businesses.

Multi-store analytics

You can connect any number of stores to one SavvyCube account, as long as the total number of orders across all stores fits into your plan's quota. Analyze those stores separately or in a combination.

Ecommerce dashboard

SavvyCube's dashboard lets you get a high-level view of the entire business. See your sales numbers, conversion funnel, channels' performance, cart abandonment, sales forecast, and more.

Key ecommerce metrics

Track your revenue, profitability, product sales, customer retention, conversion channels, transaction fees, and more. See how your metrics correlate and change over time.

Profitability tracking

SavvyCube takes into account your cost (COGS) data, transaction fees, and payment processing fees, which enables you to see net profit, profit margin, and markup for all your orders and products.

Advanced custom reporting

SavvyCube provides you with a set of customizable reports that let you easily run sophisticated analysis and discover answers much faster. With SavvyCube’s Advanced Reports functionality you can drill-down into your data, filter your report by dozens of metrics and attributes, add or remove report columns, and more.

Saved reports & data export

Once you’ve filtered and configured report columns to your liking, and arrived at a desired report, you can save the report configuration to My Reports and share it with other account users. You can also export any report as a CSV file and use it anywhere else you might need that data.

Email reports

You can schedule email reports to be sent to you, your team, or you client on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Get forecasts for your key metrics such as revenue, net profit, refunds, and more. Our forecasting algorithm looks at your historic data and takes into account annual and weekly seasonal fluctuations in your sales, as well as an overall trend of your performance.

Getting started is easy

To integrate your store and start using SavvyCube simply install the SavvyCube app. We highly recommend also connecting your Google Analytics account to get additional reports and insights

Si integra con

  • Google Analytics,
  • PayPal

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