Scarcify App

Scarcify App

作成: J2MA Innovations Inc.

More Conversions and Add To Carts With Scarcity & Social Proof

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Convert Currency Header Promo

A Simple currency converter allows world wide customers to view pages in their own currency plus header promo bar to offer special discounts

Product Page Timer

Customizable interactive countdown timer and items lefts counter for your product pages to create scarcity and urgency for more add to carts

Social Proof Pop-Up

Simple pop up showing what customers have purchased. Adds instant credibility without being annoying by adding social proof.

Scarcify Appの詳細情報

See results right away with the Scarcify app! We have six tools that add credibility and scarcity to help you increase the action of your user which equals more engagement and revenue. Normally you would need 6 different apps that we have combined into one simple app suite.  

How Does It Work?

Scarcify has multiple pre-made and customizable tools including product page countdown timers, social proof pop-ups, multiple promotion header announcement bar, real time visitor counter, auto currency converter, and product scarcity items left counter.  These tools help increase add to carts, higher purchase value, increase revenue, and add more credibility to your store. Looks amazing on desktop and mobile and will help you take your store to the next level.


Visually attract your customers right away with the header promo bar. Its customizable design allows you to put multiple promotions that alternate. Instantly giving your customer something to be excited about when visiting your store.


Add a customizable interaction countdown timer to your product pages to create scarcity and urgency. You choose which products to show the timer on, and how many items are left at the sale price. This tool helps with conversion rates


When marketing your products globally its important that your customers have a great experience that is universal.  Having a currency converter helps ensure that your customer has the best experience without any confusion or needing to convert the currency themselves. You can easily target your global market allowing customers to instantly change to their currency of choice making your product pages and cost easy to understand for all customers. This eliminates confusion and increases conversions. No coding either, this auto installs instantly.


With Our Social Proof Pop-up this will show your first time visitors purchases from other customers that are currently happening on your store. This adds instant credibility to your store front and will also drive traffic to products of interest. It's very simple and doesn’t annoy your site visitors. This builds instant trust and increases sales.


It is very normal for customers to abandon their carts on your website. We have developed a product countdown timer that will display a set number of items left before your sale ends. This increases your purchase rate by adding scarcity to your product pages, helping give your store an extra advantage. Increases Add To Carts



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3.7 5つ星


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Rather Outdoorsy

Good Overall app, I emailed the owners with a recommendation and they got back to me in less than 24 hours. They also applied my suggestion that week and emailed me to let me know. So I'm rating on communication as well as functionality. The app is a simple app but serves its purpose.


Vou publicar em português porque as pessoas pensam que só existem a lingua inglesa! Nós que falamos outras linguas e se depara com esse monopólio de linguagem é terrível. Vocês tem todo um trabalho pra desenvolver um app e não se preocupam que talvez existam outras bilhões de pessoas que falam outra lingua além do inglês. O app parece bom mas por esse simples motivo que seria algo fácil de resolver, terei que desinstalar! Não precisava nem de tradução, era apenas deixar o campo customizável para alterar os textos.



Thanks for your review - "I'm going to publish in Portuguese because people think that there is only English! We who speak other languages ​and are faced with this monopoly of language is terrible. You have a lot of work to develop an app and do not worry that maybe there are billions of people who speak another language besides English. The app looks good but for that simple reason it would be something easy to solve, I will have to uninstall! It did not even need translation, it was just leave the field customizable to change the texts."

Response - We apologize that the app isn't currently available in Portuguese. Our team is currently working on making the app for multiple languages. We appreciate your feedback and apologize it was an inconvenience. That is why we offer the free trial in case an issue like this does arise. Thank You-

Red Rain Buddha

Loving the new updates and thank you guys for actually taking our feedback as customers and applying it! Really like the app. It's more like 4 or 5 five apps in one as I was paying for multiple apps that did the same thing before. Looking forward to future updates.