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18 maart 2022

This app is all about to get your money, once they have your money the support is on a whim, sometimes after days of waiting they do respond and fix the issue, other times like the last time completely brushed me off, no response whatsoever for over a week. Of course after all this you do uninstall the app and want to move to a competitor who can finally can show some concern and fix the issue. But this app is so damaging that after the uninstall it destroys the storefront and you have to build a brand new storefront from scratch. Absolutely terrible! Avoid if you respect your money!

Sussex Special®
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6 december 2023

Waste of time and money. At first after installation it worked fine, it showed parent and child menu links in product pages, but after some time it stopped doing that. It turned into useless app - no menu sequence, the same functionality can be achieved with custom liquid breadcrumb code found in one of the tutorials.
THINK TWICE before using this.
I'm uninstalling this useless app.
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Bogdan heeft geantwoord 7 december 2023

Thank you for the feedback. The app did experience a technical issue yesterday after a bug in the latest release, but this was solved a few hours after the first report. During this issue, the navigation menu sequence could not be read.
Our app does however offer multi-level breadcrumbs, follows the navigation sequence, no-code customization and most important a complete LD+JSON schema markup for the entire store.
I am sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused, however, I believe you did receive a response from the support email related to the reported issue, so this review seems a bit harsh and probably ill-intented.

12 januari 2022

Absolut nicht zu gebrauchen. Die App hat einen kritischen Fehler verursacht, in dem ich im Editor die Produktseite nicht mehr aufrufen konnte. Erst nach einer Stunde bin ich auf die Idee gekommen, diese App zu deinstallieren und der Fehler war sofort weg. Ich fordere daher auch mein Geld zurück und melde dieses Problem an Shopify, damit nachgebessert wird oder die App entfernt wird. So absolut nicht zu gebrauchen...

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29 maart 2022

I wish I could ask 20$ back. Schema doesn't work. No support. Breadcrumbs are same as Shopify regular Breadcrumbs.

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Bogdan heeft geantwoord 29 maart 2022

Trully sorry for your experience, however not at all accurate. We did not receive any support tickets or messages from your side.
If the app is initialized, the schema will work on its own and as for the breadcrumbs, they will follow the main menu structure. If the menu structure is made up of only 1 element, the breadcrumbs will only show that element. Also our support is always available using multiple channels and always ready to help.

8 mei 2021

The App did not fix the schema deprecated error in my Simple theme Shop. The only thing it did is it added ugly out of place breadcrumbs all over my header. My theme was never altered before, so it's not me. I reached out to Bogdan TWICE but never heard back. I have since hired someone else to fix it for me.

Rose and Rebel
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Bogdan heeft geantwoord 8 mei 2021

Hello Natallia. Trully sorry to hear this, but as it turns out, I received both of the messages on my 6th at 03:15 and 03:17 ( local time ) and everything was in order 6 hours later when you received a reply from me. More on this, since your theme did already use breadcrumbs, ours were hidden from the storefront and only the JSON+LD schema was inserted.
Here is the full reply:
"The app is now properly initialized and set up. Testing with the structured data testing tool, all the errors are gone now. You can go to the Search Console and click on “Validate Fixes” for those errors and Google will re-crawl those pages in a matter of days.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with."

22 december 2021

Not worth the time or money. This app offers nothing more than you get with Shopify anyway! You can not customise your breadcrumbs or schema.

Learning Developments
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Bogdan heeft geantwoord 23 december 2021

Thank you for your honest opinion. From a developer point of view, manually meddling with the breadcrumbs and schema would be a major SEO flaw, since they are auto-generated to reflect reality at the moment. Also, most of the themes do not come with either breadcrumbs or schema out of the box.
Wish you a good day and a happy winter holiday season!

29 maart 2020

Does not show nested collections, only one level... GARBAGE... Does not show nested collections, only one level... GARBAGE...
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Bogdan heeft geantwoord 29 maart 2020

Sadly I believe this review was not meant for our app since you chose not to install it without a free trial plus you also left us a very graphic message for this reason. Please tell us how you managed to get this conclusion since you did not actually installed the app.