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Create personalized checkout experiences & powerful promotion

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Build powerful promotions

Offer automated custom pricing, promotions, shipping, or payment options like BOGO discounts & free shipping methods.

Increase conversions

Promotions or customizations can be shown without the need of a discount code, reducing friction during the buying experience.

Integrated solution

Scripts scales with Shopify’s servers so you don’t have to worry about support or maintenance headaches, especially during high traffic.

Über Script Editor

Note: This app is only available to Shopify Plus customers.

Shopify Scripts are customizations written in Ruby that allow you to create personalized customer experiences. Using line item, shipping, and payment scripts you can implement custom logic and tailor the user experience during a customer’s checkout journey.

Scripts are enabled on a store’s checkout by using the Script Editor app. Since the app hosts scripts you’ve created on Shopify’s servers, they can affect the cart and checkout at a fundamental level without the need of third-party apps or externally hosted plugins.

There are three different types of Shopify Scripts:

  1. Line item scripts affect line items in the cart and can change prices and grant discounts. Note: Theme modifications may be required to show the discount amount or messages in the cart and/or checkout.
  2. Shipping scripts interact with shipping, and can rename, show, hide, or reorder shipping methods and grant discounts on shipping rates.
  3. Payment scripts interact with payments, and can rename, show, hide, or reorder payment gateways.

Write a Shopify Script based on our provided templates, follow our documentation to build your own, or use a script creator solution to get started. Some examples include:

Line item scripts

  • Percentage (%) or fixed ($) discounts, or a combination of both
  • BOGO discounts with simple or complex logic (buy one get one free, buy two get 10% off, buy four get 20% off)
  • Dynamic pricing for volume-based price breaks
  • Tiered discounts by spending thresholds (quantity or dollar based)
  • Disallow discount codes during a promotion
  • Calculate Value-Added Tax (VAT) for European shoppers

Shipping scripts

  • Modify, hide, or reorder shipping method names and prices
  • Free shipping for VIP or subscription customers

Payment scripts

  • Modify, hide, or reorder payment gateway methods
  • Auto select default payment method

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3.2 von 5 Sternen
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Bellas Discount Furniture

wish this was available for everyone not just the big stores


This would really help small business to grow. But instead, shopify makes it only available for shopifyplus memebers


Already paying a lot for shopify not letting us use stuff that IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE in order to get customers.
You guys are loosing money by not letting us win money.