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24 april 2024

Not working. Customer support sent a link of troubleshooting videos that needing users to figure out how to make it work. Involving find codes from pages and use the code in the app. However, our theme is not the same one and we couldn't find the part of code. So, we told app team that we cannot figure it out. Then we got offered a paid service (USD $50) on a step in to make it work. Yes, a free app but support is not.

Then we tried another free app doing the same job. Despite it didn't work initially, the customer service person stepped in straight away and it works like a dream.

This is a neutral feedback. Just our experience with this app and support. Good luck, everyone!

Party Owls
1 dag gebruiken de app
By Simpli Apps (Fontio & Delivery Estimation) heeft geantwoord 25 april 2024

Not sure it's totally fair to say support is not free.

Having us do a custom install on your store that involves our teams time is an optional paid service, yes.

Glad you found a solution!

28 maart 2024


Witch Way Out IN
2 maanden gebruiken de app
By Simpli Apps (Fontio & Delivery Estimation) heeft geantwoord 29 maart 2024

Thanks for not contacting us for help. If you simply refresh you would find the app which we have provided to you for free, worked.