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24 maart 2023

yaptığı iş çok iyi, ek olarak ücretsiz olduğunu da düşünürsek mükemmel. biraz liquid bilgisi ile çok profesyonel işler yapabilirsiniz. teşekkürler shopify.

Dalış Elbisesi Market
21 maart 2023

i want add item in menu filter, adding not available!
i want add item in menu filter, adding not available!

Montag Store
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een maand
19 maart 2023

There's no ability to sort the products whatsoever, makes using the app incredibly difficult. I can't cross reference against my product list to ensure all products have been audited, which is a major fail. In fact, when I look in the app, there are only 66 products showing - yet I have 89 active products. I have no easy way of seeing which products aren't showing in the app (- and why aren't they showing anyway?)

Bonza Dog Treats
App gebruikt gedurende 5 maanden
18 maart 2023

J'ai installé cette application et j'aurais tellement aimé quelle fonctionne mais lorsque je l'active sur ma boutique, la page de mes produits sur cellulaire ne s'affiche pas bien, la page se promène sur l'écran comme si elle était zoomer et Google search console me fait le message que ma page n'est pas lisible par les cellulaire. J'ai le thème Impulse alors peut-être que mon thème n'est pas compatible. Très dommage, j'aimais tellement cette application.

Savonnerie Escale Nature
App gebruikt gedurende 19 dagen
17 maart 2023

Seems useful but I cant use it. I wish it would allow recommendations by PRODUCT TYPE. I think it would be EXTREMELY useful in MANY different industries.

Elie’s Bows
16 maart 2023

We were excited about this app but it constantly freezes and we cannot do anything when we open it. Uninstalled.

15 maart 2023

this app I think is good and helps me to make my store in Shopify, and I need help to make a good store, thanks Shopify.

Binsar Hutabarat Institute
App gebruikt gedurende 14 dagen
Bewerkt 17 maart 2023

Excellent app, and in my experience, usually much easier to use native apps from Shopify. The only thing I think it's missing is a "Re-direct" section, where you could manually say if someone searches for "X" re-direct them to a URL.

Like searching "Delivery", you could re-direct them to the delivery page rather than return 0 results.

Also, the ability to manage the filters a bit more, something like sort type, vendor by A to Z, Z to A, most results to least etc etc


Response to Shopify feedback:

Agree the suggestions work well for the most part, however, there are instances where we no longer sell a brand for example, it would be nice to manually direct people to a "missing brand" page explaining where it's gone.

Other scenarios might be people searching "finishes" like "Brushed Brass" I would like to ideally URL redirect that search to all of our products with the colour filter "Brushed Brass" ticked for example.

Bathroom Village
Verenigd Koninkrijk
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 15 maart 2023

Thank you for your feedback. Predictive search allows you to add multiple types of resources incl search terms, products, articles, pages, collections as suggestions. Engaging with those suggestions will re-direct to the respective resource.

10 maart 2023

Comoda per gestire filtri e prodotti correlati.
L'opzione del potenziamento prodotti e sinonimi è una bella idea.

App gebruikt gedurende 3 dagen
9 maart 2023

I just got the Search and Discover app attached to my Shop Store! It is tedious to get all the rules and regs right the first time, but the results are wonderful! I am so happy to see my products added to Shop button. I appreciate this opportunity to gather customers and sales!! Thank you so much.

Crystal Fizzy
Verenigde Staten
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