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29 de fevereiro de 2024

No support as such, only bla-bla-bla, generic "kind" replies and RTFM in the best case scenario.

No filtering by tags is implemented in the right way - its just not working, guys, nope. Why on EARTH do you have this option for!???
Just unpublish the thing! Take the app away from the Marketplace!

I regret I wasted so much of my lifetime trying to troubleshoot&fix this application!

About 1 year usando a aplicação
17 de março de 2024

The AI generated recommendations that are suppose to be like products e.g. rings for ring product or activewear for activewear product is not working properly. What is taking so long to fix it! How about you also include a button to regenerate the selection as well, but the button should not regenerate the entire catalog/store of products but product by product.

Estados Unidos
4 months usando a aplicação
11 de maio de 2024

I dont understand why it does recommend unrelated products? why does it recommend a women product to an ashtray? you cant edit that..
also complementary products require certain themes.

Arábia Saudita
About 8 hours usando a aplicação
30 de dezembro de 2023

It is a real junk app like most Shopify apps. The people responsible for managing these apps are not smart people and should probably seek employment elsewhere like McDonald's. It is 2024 and you merchants can't, for example, filter on percent discount or review distribution. Sure, you can do it, but it's a manual process. Try scaling that for large businesses and you are screwed.

Estados Unidos
About 1 year usando a aplicação
20 de fevereiro de 2024

This app does not load on my pc.

Vittaprime Health Ltd
Reino Unido
5 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Shopify 21 de fevereiro de 2024

Sorry to hear you're having issues accessing the app. If you're not the store owner, it may be because Staff permissions are not set to allow you to access all screens of the app. You can see in the Help documentation which permissions are required.

If the problem persists, we suggest contacting Shopify's support team with details on what browser you're using and any errors messages you might be seeing.

26 de abril de 2024

so far this does not work - trying to do a simple filter for a template for birthstone by month based on tags - it pulls in all these random tags and the app does not show ability to save if you update the filter? glitchy. will update this review if resolved.

Anne Vaughan Designs
Estados Unidos
About 1 hour usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Shopify 30 de abril de 2024

Because you do not want to filter by all the tags in your store, we recommend setting up a custom filter with metafields. You can read more about this in the Help center here:
This will allow you to make specific filters for birthstones and control what values are shown to online shoppers.

19 de janeiro de 2024

Unfortunately you cannot select what tags you want to create a filter about, you get what your store carry in total, and, NO metafields is not the answer it can only carry one value. A product should be able to carry multiple values and still be able to filter.. Right? Such as with tags, but what good is a SINGLE use tag filter. Once you use a tag filter it can never be used again because then it's cluttered with the other tags you wanted to use in the other filter. I mean WOW. How is it not possible to just have a selection of tags based on: Manual, prefix, suffix, etc. You should also be able to format the tags to be presented with automated rules as well. This is just not acceptable. It is just dumb and SO easy to fix. The funny thing, you know what, I just want to be able to sort on color on a single product with 24 variants (sizes, additions) but the same color across all the variants. The product itself contains Multiple colors and other products have different colors in it. This is not possible with Shopify at this moment in time. I have to use a third party app that replaces my collection-view which I've built out to be freaking amazing. With their basic themes, botching the whole design. That route didn't work either. So i'm left with liquid and javascripting. To filter a product by color.

1 day usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Shopify 23 de janeiro de 2024

Hi there, sorry to hear you're having trouble with the limitations with tag filtering. You can setup a metafield to support multiple values and filter on those. When you create a product or variant metafield, make it a "list type" by choosing "list of values" in the definition. For your color filtering, you can have variant-level metafields hold the color information and as long as you keep using the same variant-level metafield definition across your product variants, this may be what you're looking for.

23 de abril de 2024

not happy

Maison de Kristine
Estados Unidos
About 2 months usando a aplicação
29 de abril de 2024

The install messed up my 'select options' on every page. My ring sizes, gemstone type and metal type selection has been replaced by 'Default Title' dropdown menu. Cannot seem to recover these even after uninstalling the app. Very disappointed and panicked right now due to my website coming to a halt.

Reino Unido
3 minutes usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Shopify 30 de abril de 2024

The app does not modify theme files or change product variant options, so it would not have been able to change your product option selectors. The only product information it edits are recommended products which you can manually set. With that said, we're sorry to hear about this issue. "Default title" is what Shopify titles variants when there are no product options, so it sounds like some other application or workflow removed your product options/variants. This also could have also been the result of a product CSV upload overwriting your exisiting products. Depending on your product catalog size, uploading a revised CSV may be a solution

7 de março de 2024

tout est compliqué sur Shopify

MY BOB Retailer
9 months usando a aplicação