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Lost out on a large amount of customers this weekend because the app disabled itself instead of telling me the free trial had ended. No notification about it. Other apps resort to the cheapest option, or they continue it until you've picked one etc. Really frustrating because it's a good app but considering you can't find any products without the search function, this has lost my trust in the app

The Cookie Stamp Co
Searchaniseが返信しました 2023年12月12日

We sincerely regret the inconvenience you experienced. We typically send a trial expiration reminder two days before, and we're sorry if you didn't receive it. We've checked, and the email have been sent successfully from our end.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we appreciate your feedback. We'll discuss this internally with our team to ensure we improve our processes. Despite the challenges mentioned you faced, we're genuinely pleased that you continue to use our app.

If there's anything else we can do to improve your experience or assist you further, please feel free to reach out.

Best regards,
Searchanise team


Update Sept 6: They have now offered to help me with video support when I initially asked several times and was always denied. It took a very negative review for them to offer a normal level of support. I will look for another app that is easier to setup.
I think their search and filters would work well if I could set them up correctly. I spent months of emailing back and forth with support over things that should have been easy and even some technical bugs that they don't seem to understand and cannot fix. I begged them to get on a video call to help me finish the setup, but they claimed they could not provide that kind of support. If that's the case, then they should make setup easy. It was such a nightmare. I have built entire websites on Shopify before and nothing has been as difficult as setting up this app. I am so frustrated. Finally, I've given up and will uninstall the app now. Just beware. My developer was even having trouble. I do not recommend this app. I am off to find another.

The Eczema Company
Searchaniseが返信しました 2023年9月6日

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We're very sorry to see your experience with our app was far from pleasant! It's the last thing we'd like our clients to go through so please accept our sincere apologies.

We looked through your email history with us and we understand why you feel this way. It's indeed very frustrating when the setup process takes so long. We sent you an email about our idea of dealing with this situation. See, we still want to make it right for you and leave you with the best results possible. Please let us know via email if our offer sounds good. We'd be more than happy to continue our journey and show you that we can make it up for you.

As for a video call, we'd like to clarify that initially, we didn't offer it because your plan didn't include such a service. However, we discussed the situation further with our team, and considering the fact that the situation was indeed quite complex, we decided to make an exception. We're sorry to see it was too late! Still, if you ever think of giving our app another shot, please contact us again and we will be glad to help as much as we can.

Best wishes,
Searchanise team


The interface is just terrible and needs a lot of custom CSS work done to make it look OK. The way they have setup the customization means we end up with a lot of CSS code loading on each page. The style sheet structure is not done professionally. There is almost half a page of code loaded for each product in the search result. For example if you change the color for the price in the search result, it will add a style="color:black;" to EVERY product in the search result. No way to change the font size other than overwriting the CSS which has zero documentations available at the moment.

This is just goes to show they have not done this correctly when it comes to user interface.

Creating filters is also cumbersome and not intuitive compared with other apps.

We couldn't find a way to enable the app only on a single theme for testing and setting up. It enables itself on all themes making it impossible to implement it on a live busy site.

TripleClamp Moto Canada
Searchaniseが返信しました 2023年9月8日

Thank you for sharing your honest opinion on your experience with our app. Undoubtedly, we are very sad to see it was so unpleasant!

We understand that the initial interface can be mismatched with your desired design and we're sorry to know that the customizing options we offer weren't enough. You have a good point here and we will gladly hear more ideas from you on this matter if you choose to share them.

As for CSS code being too heavy, we looked into this issue and couldn't detect it from our end: when we changed the color of prices first with our admin panel settings and then with custom CSS, it didn't end up adding the same code to every product. We would happily look into this problem for you, by the way, because we really do not want you to deal with any problems of this kind.

When it comes to filters, we are sorry to see the process wasn't easy! Again, your ideas would be highly valuable for us because you might notice some things that our eye doesn't catch.

It's all up to you, yet if you consider giving us another chance, we promise to help you as much as can during the whole setup process. One of our agents already reached out to you and shared our guides on CSS and disabling our app in specific themes. We are ready to answer any other questions you have and look into any problems. Our goal is to be there for our clients so please get back to us via email at and we will do all we can to help you.

Best wishes,
Searchanise team


The app has so many bugs. Customer support has no idea how to fix issues which generic response. They charge a premium for an app that is not premium. The app has completely stopped working on my website and I have no idea why. They're say they are sorry in response to this review, a generic response rather than fixing important issues.

Happy Valley
Searchaniseが返信しました 2023年5月2日

Thank you for your review. We are extremely sad to see you had such a disappointing experience with our app!

We indeed currently have a bug related to Draft products in our system which affects your store and we can assure you our team is currently working on it. The last thing we want is for our responses to leave an impression of generic ones. We are truly sorry we made you feel like we do not look into your case individually. We promise to do better!

As for the app not working in your store for a period of time, as we see we addressed this problem via email too and we hope the solution we implemented helps you!

Thank you again for your honest feedback and for staying with us! We sincerely appreciate it and will fix the bug as soon as we can.

Best wishes,
Searchanise team


We've had serious issues with this app.. Not thrilled with the customer service, either. There are a lot of other search apps, so you should keep on searching, too...

Searchaniseが返信しました 2019年5月28日


Thank you for your review. We are sorry to know you are disappointed with our service.

We confirm we did not change our pricing. As far as I can see, your subscription was suspended because of the payment failure. We sent several email notifications before your Searchanise subscription was suspended.

We are really willing to figure out why your emails were left without reply. Our duty is to provide assistance promptly to all the customers with any requests. I've sent an email to you where I ask for additional details so that we could sort the issue out.

Hope we'll clarify the situation and you'll change your opinion on our service. We really appreciate you chose Searchanise and keep using it.

Looking forward to your reply.
Searchanise Team


Very unreliable and buggy. No support whatsoever. Uninstalling immediately.

Why is this app creating issues on our website and there's absolutely no one to fix this?
Why do customers have to wait 4-6 days to get support? What sort of company is this?

Searchaniseが返信しました 2022年6月17日


We appreciate your willingness to leave a feedback for us. We are also very sorry you had an unpleasant experience with our app!

As far as we see, we looked into this case with our developers and did our best to help you. If any problems appear again, you can always let us know and we will shortly get to the investigation.

All the best,
Searchanise team


This app has been updated in July 2022. It is now a complete mess. We have it pulling items from one of our websites and putting them on another, which the shouldn't be on. Some collections are showing all stock instead of the collection. Support is hopeless. We loved this app - I dont understand why IT people have to mess with stuff that isnt broken. I cannot say enough good things about this app. It fixed issues we didnt even know we had. Makes our website so much better, and for such a low fee. Very excited about this product. Update: Still loving it in 2022.


On 21 Jul the search engine was down and stopped working. There was no notification on the downtime and our web store was not showing the intended search results. Our conversions were affected because customers could not find what they want. Today we realised the search results were not showing a complete listing and we had no idea how long the error has been going on for. Several important SKUs were missing from the search results page although the search query keywords were consistently included in the product titles. Our conversions were affected and we're still waiting for a response as we speak. These episodes of downtime have clearly shown that the app is unreliable. I would not recommend using it as the risks are too high.

Good Dog People™
Searchaniseが返信しました 2022年8月24日


Thank you for your feedback.

We are very sorry for the issue and we take responsibility for it. In the reply to your email, we did our best to explain why this problem happened in the first place. In short, our inner price conversion processes caused a heavy load on our indexation. Of course, it's not an excuse in that situation but we wanted to keep you posted on what was going on.

As we remember, the issue was fixed with a re-indexation and we advised you to set up automatic re-indexation in your store. Recently, we checked your store and noticed that you indeed set up the automatic re-indexation like we advised. Glad to see that!

As we see, our widgets work properly in your store at the moment. Still, if you have any other questions on this matter, feel free to contact us via email. We are always ready to help with any problems or queries related to our app.

Best wishes,
Searchanise team


Was working well then they changed their pricing to charge for all out of stock products which don't even show up in the search results which is a joke so had to delete the app after years of great results

US Sports Down Under
Searchaniseが返信しました 2022年9月6日


It appears that there has been some kind of misunderstanding. The pricing changes haven't affected what products our app indexes, i.e., what products are counted towards the catalog size supported by subscription plans. Out of stock products have always been searchable and counted by default.

There are several ways to exclude products from indexation, though:
1) Exclude products with specific tags as described here:;
2) Set products to Draft;
3) Make products unavailable in Online store.

Please message us at about this issue. We will be glad to resolve it!


we cannot use any product app on our store because if we do, customers cannot checkout. It has been over 1 month we have been asking for help with searchanise, it takes 2-3 days to get a response, when we reply its then another 2-3 days. We are having a lot of issues. Becareful which filter app you choose because it is a big job to change over. Not happy at all the worst app!!!!!!!!!! there is a new issue every single week. i hate it so much.

Edited to add, I replied to every email. You just kept saying you couldnt help.

I am still having the same issues and still no help.

All Things For Kids
Searchaniseが返信しました 2022年6月16日


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We apologize for making you wait for a solution.

At the time, we had far less people in our team and we're sorry it made your experience so unpleasant! Nowadays, our team is much bigger so responses are usually sent in time.

As we see, we tried to investigate the checkout issue, yet then we asked for a few questions, we didn't receieve a reply. Of course, we hope the issue isn't present no longer, yet if it is, feel free to contact us via email so we can help.

Best wishes,
Searchanise team