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1. huhtikuu 2024

Great app!

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1. huhtikuu 2024

amazing app

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21. joulukuu 2023

Very easy to use, love the functionality it brings with minimal css experience. The maker is also responsive and goes above and beyond for the customers!

Panic Vectors
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10. marraskuu 2023

I use this app a lot. Is easy to use have some of the best sections I saw on any other app. New sections are coming out weekly. I recommend this app to anyone. If you bought a theme or not it will help you make your store look amazing.

If I could I would give 6 stars!

28 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
Muokattu 30. marraskuu 2023

**Update: I was able to come to a resolution with the team at Section Store, and whilst it took a bit longer than I'd have liked, I'm grateful for their efforts. Thank you.**

I purchased one of the comparison tables from Section Store, and after purchasing I learned that it gave me the option to add limited columns, which wasn't listed anywhere on the sales page. I've messaged the team multiple times through the contact form and email supplied to try to get some resolution with only one reply coming from them saying they haven't received any of my messages. If you're looking to buy one of their comparison tables, be aware of this as it is pretty restrictive. If I get no reply, after weeks of chasing already, I'll be left with no choice but to pursue a chargeback on my credit card.

Survival Squad
17 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
Section Store vastasi 29. marraskuu 2023


This is Daniel - founder of app.

I just went through our tickets and can only find one record from you, that we replied to.

Could you contact me personally: danielkr@live.dk

I will also refund you for this straight away - no need to pursue a chargeback.

19. marraskuu 2023

Amazing app and customer service.

If you want to make your site look more professional, without a dev or 'site-slowing' page-building apps, this is a great choice.

These sections are optimised so they don't slow your site, and the customer service is second to none.

Any issues are dealt with quickly, and they always go above and beyond to sort things out.

Would recommend.

The Keto Collective
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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15. marraskuu 2023

Absolutely thrilled with the Section Store app! The user interface is incredibly intuitive, making shopping a real pleasure. I've discovered some amazing products that I couldn't find anywhere else. The app runs smoothly, and the search function helps me find exactly what I need. Plus, the customer service is fast and friendly - just excellent! Definitely my new go-to app for online shopping. ️

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24. lokakuu 2023

Love this app. Needed a testimonial scroller for my product pages and didn't want to pay a monthly subscription, so this was perfect. Support was amazing. They answered a question promptly before I purchased, then very patiently worked through an issue with fonts until it was resolved after I'd purchased. I'm so happy with how the new section looks on my page - it is everything I wanted and was so easy to set up. Highly recommend this app.

Christchurch Brick Shop
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14. maaliskuu 2024


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3. huhtikuu 2024

The dev support is outstanding and eager to help!

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