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7 maart 2024

I am absolutely thrilled with this app and the customer support!

+1) I've incorporated several sections from this app into my store, and they all function flawlessly. I regularly test my site for any errors and speed issues, and this app is one of the few that has never caused me any trouble.

+2) The app offers an extensive selection of over 200 distinct sections for enhancing my website, with new options being added almost weekly. It's a challenge to resist the temptation to add even more!

+3) The level of customization available for each section is remarkable. I can create two entirely different sections on my site using the same base, thanks to the diverse design options provided.

++4)) The customer support team is incredibly responsive. They've addressed every one of my queries, requests, and any other issues in less than a day, not even accounting for time zone differences.

12 maanden gebruiken de app
11 april 2024

I love the fact you can just buy singular sections for a small fee without having to have a monthly subscription. seems fair that way. i've been using them for a few months now and their sections have made my website look amazing, but the best part is I always receive prompt support responses if i have any questions or issues and things are handled quickly and professionally. very happy with this company/app

Beauty By Tabitha
Verenigde Staten
5 maanden gebruiken de app
30 maart 2024

I'm loving this app, so many beautiful and fun sections to choose from, making your shopify store fancier and also more functional. It will for sure help with conversion. The customer support is great too, patient with all the customization I requested. I just wish they offer some sort of free trial because I can't try the sections until after I pay.

Honey Purple
Verenigde Staten
3 maanden gebruiken de app
15 maart 2024

Very simple and straight forward app with several useful sections to overall improve your store. With no need of over complicated install or code knowledge. Super quick and efficient support when a small malfunction came up. Very satisfied.

Elephant Prime
Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
4 maanden gebruiken de app
16 februari 2024

Amazing, they are super patient and seem like they genuinely want your store to be how you want it. Others just care that the section, or app works as described, these guys go over and beyond what's expected, and for $9.00 a section, COME ON!

Last I will say, I do not know anything about design or dev, but they have been super helpful. One of the sections I purchased would not work, it was broken, but these guys worked tirelessly to correct it for me. Between the current store and my last store, I think I have purchased may 10-15 sections, $135 or so, and they treat us better than developers we paid $6,500.00.

Living Simply
Verenigde Staten
6 maanden gebruiken de app
18 maart 2024

Super cool theme sections. I've got 1 question thow, If i buy 2 sections on my shopify store, can I use those sections for my 2nd shopify store? And not pay them again... ?!

COOL KID ™ | Official Site
12 maanden gebruiken de app
1 april 2024

Absolutely essential for every store. Has all the sections and plug-ins that you could wants and you only have to pay a very reasonable one off fee. Not had a single problem with any of the plug-ins it always works seamlessly & it's great that you can test out all the sections before buying.

100% recommend

Verenigd Koninkrijk
5 maanden gebruiken de app
8 april 2024

TOTALLY A MUST HAVE! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Section Store is by far one of the best apps to create your dream Shopify store. You have hundreds of sections and the price of each one is really affordable considering it's a one time payment and on top of that there are free sections.

The service and customer support is AMAZING, I asked the team for some custom changes in certain sections to adapt to the style of my page and in less than 24 hours they were as I imagined, they are true professionals. If you need all kinds of sections for all your needs you will find them in Section Store.

2 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 6 februari 2024

The app is great, but the support needs improvement. Some sections are buggy, especially on our site, and it's frustrating when support doesn't respond and you can't fix issues. Also It would really help if there was a trial version for at least 24 hours. Sometimes when we install a section on our site, it turns out it doesn't fit at all, and we end up wasting money.

EDIT: The problem is currently being solved by support and as an apology they also offered me some sections for free. As for the support, I was wrong and they fixed their reputation with me. Thank you once again.
6 maanden gebruiken de app
Section Store heeft geantwoord 6 februari 2024

Hey Daniel,

It’s super frustrating when sections do not work properly on the theme. I know this way too well.

We test our sections on 3 different themes before releasing it, but it’s always hard to make them 100% bulletproof.

That being said we've already answered all your incoming emails and are already trying to fix your issues. Please get back to us when you see this :)

Daniel - Founder of app.

25 februari 2024

If you are looking to beautify various areas in your store, then I can definitely recommend "Section Store"! The selection is really great and feedback is always welcome if something is missing. The support is also really great, within a very short time they helped me with a section that no longer looked the same after a theme update. The team of Section Store is what you would expect from developers - fast, reliable and, above all, they know how to do their own work! Absolutely top!

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