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8 november 2023

This store/app is great! Super easy and convenient. I love all the different sections you can add, and being able to purchase them for a one-time price of $9 per section feels like an absolute robbery! Especially considering that most other apps cost more, offer less, and are monthly subscriptions. I love how you can pick and choose which sections you want, and how you don't have to have the app installed once the section is uploaded to your store. Customer service as well is next level. I've been having issues with my Debutify Pro theme and the support process has been long and painful. It's been back and forth, waiting hours on end for responses that aren't much help (if at all). I had a problem with a section from the Section Store and got a response back within the hour. Very impressive, I highly recommend, and will definetly be buying more.

The Tail Trove
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21 oktober 2023

We absolutely love this App! The support is also very fast and helped us out perfectly. You just have to pay for the section you want and it is NO subscription! Thank you so much for that. As a small store it's difficult to pay for all the apps monthly, but in this case it is very affordable and absolutely WORTH THE PRICE!

Another nice thing: They always update new section that are very up to date and trendy. Would give 10 stars if possible :)

- Lenny from grainoverpixel

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21 november 2023

Absolutely ADORE this app! We've been using both the free and purchased sections from the Section Store App for probably over a month now and want to express our sincere appreciation for the fantastic work they do for their customers. Their sections are not only easy and straightforward to use but also highly customizable and incredibly useful. It's particularly great that the payment for each premium section is a one-time fee. The support, especially from the owner Daniel, has been nothing short of amazing in terms of responsiveness and customer focus.

Recently, I reached out to them about the possibility of changing the background color of the 'Scrolling Features' section, adjusting the speed and duration of the scrolling animation, and reducing the spacing between items in a section. I received a quick response and professional assistance. They not only customized everything to my specifications but also added several new settings to the section for further customization on my end.

I'm more than satisfied with the cooperation and will definitely continue using this app for our website in the long run. Highly recommended!

With wishes of prosperity,
Tetiana from DRAWandCARE

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18 oktober 2023

I have several sections from "section Store" so far and I will definitely buy more in the future. It is an awesome option to add more capabilities in the back end without hiring a developer.

Medusa's Makeup
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22 september 2023

Found Sections stores sliding annoucement bar on youtube and its been extremely satisfying. It's cheap as its one pay off and then from there its simple to inject into your webshop. If your theme is missing certain features or you just in generel aren't very great at design development, then these features are easy and simple to inject. Their customers support is also great and friendly, so I can recommend Section stores to anyone.

Nordic Bath
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5 november 2023

My overall experience with Section Store has been great.
The code you enter can be a little tricky at times, but everything I get from them I absolutely love.
If you want your store to stand out, or even perform better than most, I’d highly recommend them!!

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10 november 2023

I use this app a lot. Is easy to use have some of the best sections I saw on any other app. New sections are coming out weekly. I recommend this app to anyone. If you bought a theme or not it will help you make your store look amazing.

If I could I would give 6 stars!

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26 oktober 2023

I have purchased several sections (including bundle packages) from this app developer. I highly recommend any of their sections to anyone, as they are all extremely customizable, allowing you the capability to edit colors, upload your own custom icons (if needed), select from a variety of different font types, and much more. I also love their customer support. Their team has gone above and beyond when I run into any issues (Usually User Error). They even assisted me with an issue that I initially thought was one of the sections I purchased, however they educated me with knowledge and assisted by also fixing my theme. They are very professional and always respond in a timely manner. You can tell they love what they do.

Soul of Chiron Creations, LLC
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31 oktober 2023

This is such a great app for Shopify! I have used multiple sections with my store and love how it all looks! Easy to use and set up

irah hair
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24 november 2023

Best App!!!
You helped me build my dream store, I'm super happy with the results and the customer service you have.
Thanks a lot!!

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