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8 de agosto de 2023

So, after using a lot of page builders, that create a bunch of unwanted code and slows down the shop, I finally found this app which offer simple enough sections. This is a really cool idea and also that you only have to buy a section once (lifetime) is a gamechanger. Everyone else just goes for endless subscriptions and for a startup like is, we have to check on th ebudget even more.

The sections have a great quality and it's really super simple to use them! And I'm looking forward to upcoming versions. Also, the support from Daniel is outstanding, very nice and super fast.

I truly can recommend using this as an alternative instead of using code monster page builders. Give it a try, also the free sections are cool to use anyway.

14 days usando a aplicação
22 de setembro de 2023

Found Sections stores sliding annoucement bar on youtube and its been extremely satisfying. It's cheap as its one pay off and then from there its simple to inject into your webshop. If your theme is missing certain features or you just in generel aren't very great at design development, then these features are easy and simple to inject. Their customers support is also great and friendly, so I can recommend Section stores to anyone.

Nordic Bath
28 days usando a aplicação
11 de setembro de 2023

To be honest, I was skeptical before installing the app - I was under the belief that a third party section addition which is not designed for the Store theme, would not be a great Idea.

But I am happy to admit that I was Wrong, added 1 section and am blown away with the amount of customisation possible, you can change even the small details to get the exact look and feel you want to match your store. Plus I peeked at the code as well, and it is well laid out.

The biggest advantage is that unlike other section apps, you just pay once and use the section for lifetime, unbeatable value! Also in case additional support is needed Daniel is just an email away.

25 days usando a aplicação
16 de julho de 2023

I recently added the Section Store app to my Shopify store, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. This app offers a wide range of features that are incredibly useful for any online store owner.

The Section Store offers a variety of customizable sections that greatly enhance the appearance and functionality of your store which leads to more $$$. The app provides a diverse selection of add-ons, all of which were very useful for optimizing my store's performance.

I also appreciated the transparent pricing model of Section Store. Unlike expensive subscription-based apps, this app offers paid content for a one-time purchase of only $9. It's a budget-friendly option for store owners who want to access premium features without breaking the bank.

In addition to its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, Section Store truly impressed me with its ability to seamlessly integrate customizable sections into my existing theme. As a marketer, I frequently need to conduct A/B tests on my site, but I faced obstacles due to my theme's limitations. However, Section Store came to the rescue by allowing me to add customized sections without any coding experience. It was incredibly easy to implement the sections.

Overall, I highly recommend Section Store to all Shopify store owners who want to enhance their store's appearance, functionality, and customer experience. With its user-friendly features, exceptional customer support, and reasonable pricing, this app is a valuable tool for scaling your business and achieving your goals $$$

13 days usando a aplicação
22 de julho de 2023

Good options to add additional sections to site. Really easy to add sections and set up, loads of customisation options. Had an issue with button links not working in one of the sections, was sorted within 5 minutes of first emailing support - amazing service!

Reino Unido
3 days usando a aplicação
31 de agosto de 2023

Fantastic addition to the Shopify App Store!! So good to finally be able to purchase things on a once-off basis, rather than having monthly recurring costs for features that should be standard or can be coded fairly simply. Great service from the friendly Section Store staff. I'm looking to switch over more of my site's features into Section Store offerings. Highly recommend this company and their Shopify apps!

2 days usando a aplicação
7 de outubro de 2022

As a marketeer, it is vital to do several A/B tests on our site. However, as our website was made with a specific theme we were not able to rapid tests and hence scale our business at the pace we wanted to as we either need to get an entirely new theme or hire a developer. Then I realized Section Store, which easily makes it possible to add customizable sections to our current theme without having any coding experience. It is super easy to implement the section, the customer service is excellent and so is the price. So with Section Store, we do now have the opportunity to do the various tests we wanna and hence scale our business without using lots of money from external freelancers. I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants to scale their business.

8 days usando a aplicação
25 de agosto de 2023

I have tried many other apps to add new sections on my site and this one the best of all. The price is very fair also. It would be great if they could create a new section to add recipes too, with pictures, ingredients and so on. Keep doing your great job. Thanks. :)

Maître Philippe & Filles
2 months usando a aplicação
3 de agosto de 2023

This app offers a great selection of sections (including free ones) and a straightforward installation process. I ran into a little issue with a section displaying on my website and reached out to Daniel, who was quick to help and everything is working great now. I definitely plan on adding more sections from this store in the future. Appreciate good customer service.

Earth Ahead
Estados Unidos
7 days usando a aplicação
20 de setembro de 2023

Wish I had known this sooner.

No need to code anymore, as it's all ready to go. I used to code myself alot, but due to increasing orders, time is scarce. Third party services are too expensive but then I found this app. It has all the basic things your theme lacks. Love that it's a one-time purchase and no monthly returning costs.

Países Baixos
43 minutes usando a aplicação