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20 juli 2023

I have a problem with the installation and I can not talk to the App support.
After configured the following message appears on the main page of my site "THE SHOP DOMAIN IS NOT VALID".
I ask you to check.

Sereia & Mar
Ongeveer 23 uur gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 18 november 2021

Hello, we are trying to connect the app gain becuae suddenly it stoped working and when it redirects to Instagram to connect, it appears this message: {"error_type": "OAuthException", "code": 400, "error_message": "Insufficient developer role"} Please could you help?

Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
Maestrooo heeft geantwoord 18 november 2021

Thank you for your review. We are indeed facing a temporary outage, our app has been disabled temporarily by Instagram yesterday. We are working with them to make sure to restore it as soon as possible (hopefully this week). In the meantime I would recommend you to hide temporarily the section on your store.

We will let you know once it is restored. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing to you.

Bewerkt 17 november 2021

The worst app experience I have ever had. The app stinks, the developer is awful and doesn't help at all. I will no longer bring my Instagram feed into my store, I figured out something better. I will NEVER use an app or pay for an app from this developer again. I just downloaded the app a week ago into my theme and the developer keeps telling me it's not working because of some app code that was removed from my site YEARS ago by another developer, yet I have two other versions of my theme that the app is working on and they were also only downloaded to last week so the app developer is wrong and is just too lazy to help me. I have used SO many apps over the years and I have never experienced this low level of poor customer support and it just is a shame that themes can no longer bring in an Instagram feed like they use to be able to because that was easy and seamless and this app is not. This feed also slows down the site tremendously compared to other Instagram apps.

Doggie Diva
Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
Maestrooo heeft geantwoord 17 november 2021

Hi !

We're sorry to hear you are not being satisfied by the app. As said at support, after lengthy debugging, I found the issue was due to older custom code on your store. Basically, you have applied some code to "optimize" your store. Those optimizations broke some basic features of Shopify, such as loading apps properly, and therefore asked you to reach the developer or the app developer in charge of those changes.

I confirm with 100% confidence the issue was not due to our app. Our support does not cover fixing issues introduced by custom code (especially considering our app is completely free, so there is no risk in trying it and removing it if it would not work for you).

Bewerkt 7 oktober 2021

Shit app !!!! Dont work. The program keeps losing connection with IG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skaven Danmark
Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
Maestrooo heeft geantwoord 7 oktober 2021

Thank you for your review and for using our app :). The connection with Instagram can indeed be disconnected automatically under some circumstances, such as if you modify the password of your Facebook or Instagram account. This is done automatically by Instagram (not by the app). Do not hesitate to reach us at support if you need more information.

25 november 2021

Werkt niet. Krijg een foutmelding tijdens het generen van een token. {"error_type": "OAuthException", "code": 400, "error_message": "Invalid scope field(s): basic"}

Y&M Home Creations
30 minuten gebruiken de app
Maestrooo heeft geantwoord 25 november 2021

Thank you for your review. Unfortunately we have not been able to find any message from you at support. Can you please make sure to fill in our form here with the details about your store: ?

15 september 2020

Images loaded from the feed take up a lot space slowing down the size and increasing page size and loading time. Images are not properly resized and I end up with tons of pictures sized higher than 250kb.

6 dagen gebruiken de app
Maestrooo heeft geantwoord 15 september 2020

Hi !
Unfortunately, this is a current limitation of the new Instagram API. It only returns images in high resolution, without the ability to get smaller versions. This is something we have asked Instagram team to add, but for now this feature has not been added on their end yet.

However, please note that while the app shows high resolution images, it uses lazyloading across the board, which means that the images are actually not loaded until they become visible to the user. The impact on performance is therefore reduce to the minimum. Rest assured that using Section Feed WILL NOT increase the initial loading time of your pages.

23 maart 2021

Can't recommend the app. It doesn't even match the style of the most basic Shopify Theme out there (Debut). The few settings available didn't work fully for me and I was not able to adjust the look to my theme. The support experience was very poor too. Since the app is free, they are not willing to do anything extra. Would have taken them probably a minute max, but ok.

SPIRIT - beauty excellence
Ongeveer 19 uur gebruiken de app
Maestrooo heeft geantwoord 25 maart 2021

Thank you for your review.

We're sorry to hear the app did not match your expectations.

To be transparent with everyone, our app has be developed initially as a replacement for the old Instagram section that was removed by Instagram in 2020. While we did it for our theme users initially, we however decided to release it for free for everyone (and not only our theme users).
We have started to integrate it visually with some premium themes sold in the store (including themes not developed by us), but it is a long job to integrate every theme.
Covid caused a big spike of support for themes on our end and we therefore have little time for now to spend on this free app (which is something our team developed on their free time after their standard working hours).

We have released this app for free for the Shopify community, so it always feels a bit unfair to receive such feedback. We however hope to be able to support more themes in the future!

25 september 2020

No photos shown although properly installed. Will deinstall because it does not serve its purpose, I´m sorry

6 minuten gebruiken de app
Maestrooo heeft geantwoord 25 september 2020


Thank you for your review. I have checked and unfortunately you did not reach us so we could not check what could be the problem and help you to fix the issue. There are several reasons why you could not see the images:

- You may have an ad-block extension installed on your browsers (those extensions tend to hide everything coming from social networks such as Instagram)
- If your theme used to have an Instagram section, you may have added the incorrect section to your home page.

If you ever want to try our app again, please make sure to reach us at support and we will be happy to have a look !