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Redigerat 20 november 2022

As a new store, I cannot afford sub to all the apps that I need. I was counting on this app to provide me with a helpdesk and that it would ramp with my business. Free plan? Great! Once I get rocking, I can unlock the features I need by upgrading my sub. Not with this app. You have a 30-day eval period and then it's gimee-da-cash mode. Disappointed b/c willdesk is a great looking app that actually works well. Also, the app left behind code remnants that didn't get cleaned up.
My response to willdesk's response: On my dashboard, there was a clear, direct, and concise message stating, without uncertainty, that my plan would expire next month. I know your site collateral says free forever. The fact that you seem to be completely unaware of conflicting messages in your collateral and software absolutely supports my review rating.
That and the absolutely horrid liability of not cleaning up after your own application and leaving code artifacts is, as a retired developer, inexcusable. WillDesk has, as a result, completely upended my confidence in the reliability and security of the Shopify application, leaving me to ask: what else did you install and fail to clean-up?
I believe I was more than generous in awarding you two stars simply because of the abysmal code clean-up post-uninstall practices of the Willdesk app.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
Channelwill svarade 19 november 2022

Hi Shokt,

We are deeply sorry that inconvinence you has been experienced. We opt-in giving great service and support to each of our users as we value you and we are truly great that we can serve you well.

Also, I think there is some misunderstanding between us. You can enjoy every function under the free plan. We are also pleasured to accompany with your business.

We will highly appreciated it if you would read my message and give us another chance.

Best regards,
Nona|Willdesk Support Team

25 januari 2022

Specifically reviewing the FAQ functionality. Was working fine when I installed it and the app has undergone a major overhaul. Might work fine for other functions but FAQ is no longer managed within Shopify.

19 dagar användning av appen
Channelwill svarade 26 januari 2022

Hi there,

We are deeply sorry that you had a bad experience with our APP. FAQ has been upgraded to Willdesk and all the data of FAQ is moved to the Help Center of Willdesk. Beside the functions we support previously, there are more useful features added in Willdesk. You can also edit your FAQ questions in the Help Center. We will highly appreciate it if you could give us another chance.
Sorry again for the inconvenience we brought you.