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Editado a 10 de dezembro de 2022

Etsy variation images are not supported by them.

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Questão respondida por Sellbrite 15 de dezembro de 2022

Thank you for taking the time to provide this review. Our teams are working to bring this functionality to our app in the future. We do not have an exact date we can provide, but it will be added as soon as we are able to ensure it will work properly.

14 de junho de 2019

I use sellbrite to list products from Shopify to Amazon. If you want to use Shopify as your data source of truth, make sure to explicitly get "Sellbrite for Shopify" as it's not immediately that when you get it here from the Appstore.
Linking products works really well now after we switched to Sellbrite for Shopify.
However, right now I can only give 3 stars because when a customer makes a purchase on Amazon, the customer data (Name, encrypted email address, order number) and the Information if the customer has paid the item (which is quite irrelevant because ofc he has on Amazon, but it can be confusing and maybe mess with shopify's statistics) are MISSING. Those information don't get transmitted to Shopify. Please fix that as soon as possible and I will give 5 stars :-)
Good customer service by the way, I cannot agree with the reviewer before me.

Over 4 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sellbrite 13 de agosto de 2019

You spoke and we listened! Thanks to your feedback, we've improved our integration and now customer data and marketplace order number DOES get imported into your Shopify store with marketplace orders!! Also, only paid orders are imported so no need to worry about that.

Editado a 19 de abril de 2023

Sellbrite enabled me to grow my Amazon store, but then my shopify store store outgrew Sellbrite. Sellbrite exports fulfilment data to ebay, Etsy and Amazon, but can't import fulfilment data, which means I am now looking for a new app as I must move to printing labels on Amazon and Etsy due the increase in sales volumes in those stores. There are other issues that I was living with, such as duplicate skus and overselling, but in the end, the lack of ability to fully integrate my Shopify store with Etsy and Amazon (meaning both importing and exporting fulfilment information) meant that I have to replace the app. If your not looking for that, Sellbrite will probably work just fine for you. But beware that you might outgrow the app in time. (I did request this functionality, but was told that feature requests are not for sure and would take time, and they recognized that Sellbrite was no longer the perfect match for my store.) Sellbrite is a good app. But it is not an excellent one.

Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry
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Over 2 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sellbrite 12 de abril de 2021

Hi Tobi, we're sorry to hear that you've been having issues with support and uncertainty around charges for your plan. We'll be escalating your case and our team will be reaching out directly soon to help!

14 de abril de 2022

It's a good product that does what it's supposed to when it's fully operational. They advertise 15 minute synch times on the plan level we are on, but that seems to be hit or miss. This is a critical piece of technology for making sure we don't oversell across all of our channels, but their support/dev team doesn't treat it that way. Their support team seems understaffed and slow to initially respond. They are continually having backend database lag issues which means we see that an order is going to be coming in from a specific channel, but then have to sometimes wait hours for it to actually show up in Shopify to ship it properly. We switched to this app after Shopify killed off their own channel apps, and while it satisfies our need on most days, its a piece of tech that we have lost faith in, and begrudgingly pay for.

basin + bend
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7 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sellbrite 14 de abril de 2022

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this review and feedback. We apologize if you're experiencing any issues with the functionality of the program. Our engineering teams are actively working to resolve some recently identified performance issues. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve those problems. If you need assistance, we do encourage you to reach our to our live teams and we will do our best to get everything working as intended for you. Thank you.

18 de agosto de 2021

Sellbrite's Etsy integration leaves a lot to be desired. Apparently if you turn price sync on, Sellbrite will override your entire Etsy listing (titles, description, etc.). Spent hours getting hundreds of listings prepared on Etsy only for Sellbrite to override all the work we did.

Fairy Glamor
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3 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sellbrite 19 de agosto de 2021

Hi Sydney, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on the Etsy integration. We completely understand your frustration with the experience and we'll be making sure your feedback gets in front of our Product team to look into for future improvements of the app.

6 de setembro de 2017

Support only available business hours (California time) M-F. As a small business I am often updating inventory after hours and on weekends. So, not ideal. Generally a good product, easy to use and understand. Our biggest issue is the lack of error checking on imports. If Sellbrite doesn't find a matching sku, it skips that row and doesn't import it. But it doesn't TELL you that it skipped more or one rows, only gives a generic 'your import completed successfully' (even if it didn't import everything). So we would have to manually verify each item after import to make sure it actually changed the inventory numbers. Not very scaleable or trustworthy. Tool requires separate imports to create a product and to add or change inventory (can't do it in one step like Shopify does). It also requires separate imports and exports for each warehouse/location. Not a dealbreaker, but annoying, and may result in mistakes by the user. I like the audit trail to show the history of changes made to each product. I liked the easy product creation from the Shopify store into Sellbrite for the first time. The interface is fairly easy to navigate, but they don't have a mobile-friendly website (and no app), so can't really use the tool on a phone or tablet, you have to be using a PC all the time. The reporting is EXTREMELY limited and doesn't allow for a simple comparison of inventory between/across warehouses - you have to export each one yourself and do the comparison. Sellbrite might be a good tool if you have limited products and simply want the ability to sell in multiple channels. But we won't continue with the service until/unless they provide error messaging in imports, and would like to see more reporting options.

Creative Brick Builders
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17 days usando a aplicação
Editado a 19 de julho de 2021

So far not so good. Initially trying to use the service to upload our Shopify store listings to new Walmart and Amazon seller accounts. Walmart did a bit better but Sellbrite did scramble some of the text of the listings but it was an easy fix to each listing. The Amazon product upload was a hot mess as the Sellbrite app can't find 95% of the products for the required Amazon ASIN so they will all have to all be manually transferred. Maybe we will wait and give them a try on managing inventory across Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon down the road. Tech support was agonizingly slow as they are never available on chat and take 24 hours to respond to messages, so the back and forth on one topic can take several days to resolve.

New Hill Farms
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8 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Sellbrite 20 de julho de 2021

Hi James, sorry for not meeting your expectations on this. Our support hours are M-F 7a-4p Pacific, and it looks like some of your messages have been received over the weekend or after hours. Our team will be following up with you ASAP on these issues.

Editado a 10 de março de 2019

It would be the perfect tool for us, but they currently only support limited functionality for "international" eBay Stores. Therefore, it is not possible to add new listings to eBay from other accounts than US sellers. Support told me it's currently not on their priority list. Otherwise, it felt really nice and powerful. Hopefully, they fully support international eBay stores soon.

6 days usando a aplicação
18 de novembro de 2018

This app is quite good at what it does compared to others it does better. My only problem is that it takes over Shopify and becomes the master of your life. For example I added more stock and Sellebrite re-sync with what it had in its database making a mess.
I contacted support who told me I should add the stock to Sellbrite who will update Shopify... not what I want.

My Small Store
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4 days usando a aplicação