Sellerboard Profit Analytics

Sellerboard Profit Analytics

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Accurate Profit and LTV Analytics for Sellers

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Real-time profit dashboard

View detailed information on your profitability KPIs and drill down into any time period or product to see more details.

Cost of goods by period/batch

Enter your cost of goods by batch and by period for an accurate profit and loss calculation. Track other onetime or recurring expenses.

Lifetime value analytics (LTV)

Understand the total value contributed by a customer on average over their lifetime as your client. Plan your customer acquisition costs.

Sellerboard Profit Analyticsの詳細情報

sellerboard Profit Analytics is a financial analytics tool for Shopify sellers. We help sellers analyze their profits in real time and make better data-based decisions for their business.

Accurate real-time profit dashboard

Know your numbers! View detailed information on your fees, return costs, promotion costs, and fixed costs. You can also view your profits and losses by time period (today, yesterday, or this month) or by product in real time.

Tracking of cost of goods sold (COGS) by period and batch

Cost of goods sold (COGS) refers to your item purchasing prices. It may change over time (e.g., if you get a better deal from your supplier or change the shipping method from air to sea). Enter cost of goods sold by product as a constant amount (will be applied to all orders, including past) or costs by period or batch. Import and export COGS as spreadsheets. Search or filter by name, SKU, tag, brand for easy editing. Alternatively, Sellerboard can use the COGS which are set in your Shopify store.

Customer lifetime value analytics (LTV)

Analyze how much money a customer contributes to your business throughout their lifetime, including repeat orders. Knowing your customer lifetime value allows you to plan your customer acquisition costs and thus your marketing strategy more precisely.


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Sellerboard is one of the best apps for tracking profit. We have been using this for years with Amazon FBA, and it makes our business a lot easier. Thank you so much for putting out a Shopify version now!