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Muokattu 5. heinäkuu 2023

Solid channel listing management app, extremely flexible for large and complex businesses. If you want something smaller and tidier, then it might not be for you, but if you want something grandiose and moving at considerable development speed, then its a sure pick

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14. huhtikuu 2020

SellerCloud charges $1000 per month MINIMUM, not $1 per month as they advertise. That's $1000-$4700, monthly, PLUS the $2000 one time implementation fee. Bait and switch. Deceptive fee advertising.

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SellerCloud vastasi 25. toukokuu 2021

Hi ecomarkdiamonds,

Thanks for expressing your concerns here. I apologize for any confusion around our pricing as the initial rollout of our appstore listing did lead to some misunderstandings. Please note that this page does reflect our most current pricing and we are very transparent with our pricing and policies.

You can even estimate your projected Sellercloud fees on our site and we do not require any long term contracts.

Again, i apologize for any misunderstandings and you can always feel free to reach out to our team for more information.

Best of luck,