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Sincronizza i tuoi contatti

Aggiungi automaticamente clienti e ordini per inviare newsletter reattive tramite il nostro potente editor

Migliore deliverability

Approfitta della reputazione del mittente di Sendinblue: assicurati che i tuoi destinatari ricevano le tue email transazionali

Comunicazione multicanale

In aggiunta alle email, resta in contatto con i tuoi clienti tramite SMS. Invia SMS transazionali e marketing direttamente dal back office

Su Sendinblue Email Marketing

Il plugin ufficiale Sendinblue per Shopify é un'applicazione gratuita per l'email marketing omnicanale. Usa il plugin Sendinblue per inviare campagne email ed SMS efficaci, migliorare il tasso di recapito e tracciare parametri granulari tra cui i tassi di recapito, apertura e click. Il plugin é disponibile in inglese e in francese.

Sincronizza automaticamente i tuoi contatti Shopify opt-in e i dati dei loro acquisti con Sendinblue per il tuo email marketing

Connetti le tue liste utenti Shopify con una o piú liste nel tuo account Sendinblue. Al pagamento, puoi richiedere ai tuoi clienti di accettare di ricevere email promozionali, questi contatti saranno aggiunti cosí in automatico alla lista (o liste) selezionata. Sarai in grado quindi di cercare, segmentare e indirizzare i messaggi ai tuoi contatti in Sendinblue sulla base dell'istorico dei loro acquisti o delle loro caratteristiche, inviando cosí delle campagne email a destinatari perfettamente segmentati.

Approfitta del migliore tasso di recapito per le tue email marketing e transazionali su Shopify (per esempio email di benvenuto, conferma dell'ordine, notifica di consegna, ecc.)

Il plugin di Sendinblue ti permette di utilizzare un SMTP professionale per inviare le tue email Shopify di conferma. La consegna ottimizzata garantisce che tutte le tue email raggiungano la cartella di posta in arrivo dei tuoi clienti.

Utilizza il potente ed intuitivo editor per creare email coinvolgenti

Con gli strumenti di progettazione di Sendinblue, è facile creare email belle ed efficaci. Inizia da zero o scegli tra diversi modelli gratuiti progettati professionalmente. Quando crei modelli di email in Sendinblue, puoi utilizzarli per le Campagne (nella piattaforma Sendinblue) e per le email transazionali di Shopify. Bonus: usa i dettagli dei tuoi contatti per personalizzare l'oggetto o il corpo dell'email al fine di inviare contenuti personalizzati.

Invia messaggi di testo marketing o transazionali direttamente dal back office del tuo Shopify

Potrai raggiungere i tuoi utenti tramite canali multipli. Inoltre, studi suggeriscono che 98% degli SMS vengono aperti - gli SMS rappresentano un eccellente canale per sviluppare relazioni. Imposta i messaggi transazionali per notificare - in tempo reale - i tuoi clienti della conferma del loro ordine e della spedizione. Invia campagne di SMS direttamente attraverso il plugin per Shopify di Sendinblue.

Email Transazionali & Statistiche

Accedi a metriche complete ed in tempo reale per le tue email: vedi esattamente quante email sono state inviate e aperte, quanti click hanno ricevuto, ecc.

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4.0 stelle su 5

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Background: We're a b2b company. Our list is subscribers only, no rented or scrapped names. We only email those who open within the last 120 days. Basically, we're not spammers but we do send a lot of email to our contacts. Pros:
- Overall a better than average UX. Easier to use than ActiveCampaign or Hubspot but far less power.
- Easy to use email creation process. Cons:
- You will not believe how militant they are about what email you are sending. I have never experienced anything like it. Their system will without warning stop your campaign if it isn't getting enough opens. They will randomly shut down your entire account without warning if they think you are sending too many emails or possibly unqualified names (yes, they email you after the fact but your account may be shut down for days if you don't keep an eye on your email). If you test a list and it doesn't perform well, your entire account is shut down. If you send too many transactional emails your account is shut down or throttled. When you submit a ticket to ask them to restart your account, it could be a day before you get a response, plus as a bonus you get a lecture - who are you sending email to, where did you get the names on your list, did the agree to receive email from you, what's your website address - over and over again. Recent example: we decided to test SMS marketing and purchased 100 SMS credits for a whopping $1.14. Purchase was put on hold without notice while they sent us a ticket where we were asked questions like, where did you get these names, what information are you going to text them, etc. Extraordinarily frustrating.
- The Shopify plug in doesn't do much without you doing coding - yes you actually have to write code in the app to do certain things. For example, they talk about how you can pull customer buying behavior from Shopify to send emails but good luck figuring that out, you have to do coding. The help files are almost nonexistent on this topic. Their reps couldn't even tell me how to do it.
- Customer support is generally poor. Many reps are not English first language so it is often challenging for English language users to know what the reps are saying. Most reps do not know the system very well so you will go round and round trying to get an answer. Wait times are long. - Looks less expensive at first but they ding you for everything - extra seats, landing pages, transactional emails, etc. - and it adds up fast. Neutral:
- Reporting is good but basic and leaves gaps in your ability to know how your list is performing. For example, want to know if your list is growing or shrinking? You have to manually report on the numbers in different time frames and do some math. How can there not be a report for this most important emailing metric?
- Automations are good but basic. Where are the automation templates for every day activities like DOI, re-engagement, reactivation, etc.?
- CRM is good but basic. That's okay for us but the layout is difficult to use quickly, UX is not great.
- Mediocre email templates. Not a major issue. Creating your own is easy with their drag and drop interface. Overall SendinBlue is a frustrating company to work with and an app that says it will do a lot more than it can actually do. Update: We've been throttled on transaction emails to 5 per hour. Blue states a quota of 100 transactional emails per hour. Technically this is our fault because we imported a new list of names and didn't realize they would all be pushed through DOI. No warning message. For a business with 70,000 contacts this quota is ridiculous.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

3 settembre 2021

Thanks a lot for the in-depth feedback. Happy to hear that you find "Blue" easy to use and create emails.

We know that occasionally things can go wrong and mistakes can be made.
Combatting spam is part of our mission to make the internet a better place.
Sometimes users exceed our reasonable internal thresholds, and we keep the right to suspend your ability to send an email while our delivery team investigates.

If you're up for spending a little time, we'd be happy to work with you on setting the automation filters. Sarah just sent you a reply to the last ticket 😇

Feel free to reach out to
Hope that we can turn your experience around quickly!


My favorite e-mail marketing app! It's one of the easiest to use with a clean, sleek interface. Also offers a nice support system and quick integration with Shopify. The syncing of contacts and data is so easy! Great app and great job, you guys!

Project Puppet

Sendinblue is awesome. It's simple and clean. I contacted customer service a couple of times during setup (which was more of an advanced setup than I would imagine is typical) and every reply solved the issue. Great app!