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4. marraskuu 2020

Just started using the app. But so far seems spot on. Can't wait to see how it can really help my website

Fly and Flirty
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23. helmikuu 2022

Great App to boost SEO and improve your site in google, and still exploring more of the features. Thank you Hana

Noin 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
Secomapp vastasi 4. maaliskuu 2022

Hi wonderful Jum3a.com team,

Thank you so much for your feedback 💝 Hana and our team are so happy to hear such wonderful words from you.

We always strive to deliver the best service to our beloved customers, so why don't you drop us a message today in order to have us help you boost your SEO better? We're always available in Livechat channel to assist you.

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

Gina - SEO Booster team

22. helmikuu 2020

App definitely help with some of my seo problems. Great app for people with hard time with seo

Melkein 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
18. toukokuu 2020

I have no previous experience on how to work or handle SEO related issues. That said when I installed this app it did activate faster than expected when compared with other shopify partnered apps, even if didn't know what it fixed. Nevertheless, I keep an eye on my store to know SEO impact

Chetty trades
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
Melkein 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
25. kesäkuu 2020

Just installed, will see how it works , update later with results, seems pretty easy so far. its quick for scanning now just have to test

Quality Scents
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4. tammikuu 2022

Ive had some great customer support chats with Jason. He was extremely attentive, which is what I need. Many times I need one on one attention, Rather than being thrown a bunch of articles to read that I just get lost in. I haven't given 5 stars yet, because it's still early on and I'm waiting to see my SEO scores improving. Which they haven't yet. So the 4 stars is for the excellent customer service that Ive been receiving so far.

Verucaz, Inc.
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Secomapp vastasi 8. tammikuu 2022

We are humbled and grateful for such a lovely and caring review from Verucaz, Inc. team! 🌞 We send millions of thanks to you.

Our main focus is to serve your requirements with our SEO Booster and effective assistance. We are honored to have you as our beloved customer. It has been an immense pleasure serving you all through this time and please be sure that we will go above and beyond to keep it up.

We would like to earn your highest satisfaction, so please don't hesitate to give us a shout whenever you need our hand! Jason and our team is looking forward to your next visit!

Lea - SEO Booster team

19. lokakuu 2019

I used the app and it was very smooth and fast fixes, will be waiting for the actual sales results after few weeks to see if there were any improvements

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20. elokuu 2021

I recently installed this and the help was very smooth and quick. Now waiting for results to come in.

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Secomapp vastasi 21. elokuu 2021

Dear NutrizoeStore,

It's great to see that you had a great start with our app. We can't wait to talk with you more to guide you to make the best use of our application.

SEO needs long-term care, and results don't come instantly, but we promise to do our best to make sure you can reach faster SEO success. While exploing our app, please don't hesitate to shoot our support team a message anytime in Live Chat channel. We really wish to stay connected with you, to make sure that you're on the right track with your SEO journey. So feel free to get in touch anytime!

Hope that we will have a long-term journey and achieve more SEO success!

Hana - SEO Booster team

11. joulukuu 2019

The SEO analysis feedback is very helpful in making sure that we cover the proper areas that are important to the search engines to rank our site well. We recommend trying this app.

The Honest Connoisseur
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7. joulukuu 2021

Still new Using this App, look like good, the installation is very quick and easy - I will give my feedback when I try it Thanks

Discount Eagle
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Secomapp vastasi 10. joulukuu 2021

Dear Discount Eagle team,

Thank you so much for your kind words about SEO Booster 💕

We're so happy to know that you've had a good experience with our app. We designed this app to help your SEO journey much easier and we'really glad that it works somehow to you.

And as you're keeping an eye on our app's performance, why don't you give us a shout in Live-Chat button in-app? Our friendly support team are always available to help you out with any SEO questions and tasks in minutes. It's our goal to ensure that you're satisifed to the fullest with SEO Booster.

Hori - SEO Booster team