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19 april 2024

Run, don't walk from this app! They started popups nagging me and then, after I uninstalled the app, they continued to SPAM me through email.


EAP Innovations
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 20 april 2024

Dear EAP Innovations team,

It's sad for us to hear that you have had such an unpleasant experience with the app, and I would like to apologize for everything that makes you unhappy.

Regarding the emails, it's actually the mechanism of the third-party chat app that we're using, which is sending emails of our conversation to your email address when you're not online in the app, so it's impossible to change this mechanism. I hope you can understand. Please rest assured that we comply with Shopify rules not to save any of your data at all so no email was shot out since you uninstalled the app.

We would love to make sure everything is clear enough for you, so please reply us if you want to give our app another chance.

Our team is awaiting for you reply. Thank you!

Bewerkt 10 juni 2024

They go into your coding and use your store for their own advantage of traffic and sales.
I had to have my coding guy go in and fix everything and delete everything and then also my cart page is now not working because of them so he hast to go in and fix that as well.
See below my first review when I first signed up. You won’t know anything wrong with your store unless you have somebody go and look at your coding Because their customer service chat is great and they’re really fast at helping and responding but the back end they’re doing a lot of things and coding that they shouldn’t be their own advantage

SearchPie so far is really an area most newer online store owners aren't familar with, as there is way more to having a website to get traffic then just a set up site. I was a little apprehensive when they asked to get into my theme coding as its an area you can only trust

Raw Essentials
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 11 juni 2024

Dear Raw Essentials team,

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback.

We would love to share our heart with you to know that we treasure you as our precious customer, who have supported us a lot with your previous 5* review. As far as we are aware, how could we trade off your satisfaction just like that :(

Actually it sounded unusual for us the situation that you described. We have had our support 24/7 to help customers handle with everything but haven't ever been reported about that one. So could you please give us another chance to go look into it further for you? We also send you a follow-up email to learn more about the case.

SearchPie always try our best to follow Shopify's guidelines and standards to provide the best service to our users. It is never our intention to manipulate or misuse your store's coding in any way.

Thank you so much for your care.

Best regards,
SearchPie team.

19 april 2024

Unfortunately, an important function of the app does not work for us, as the app is not compatible with every template. We are therefore unable to use the functions that are actually included in our plan. We have never had this problem before, as our template is a well-known standard template. After half a year of use, this is disappointing, as I now only get help if I switch to the most expensive plan. Unfortunately, that's too expensive for me. Very annoying.

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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 20 april 2024

Dear Papenbreer,

On behalf of the SearchPie team, we would like to send you the deepest apology for any inconvenience you had with our app.

We always aim to deliver a great experience to you, and we were so sad that we didn’t meet expectations. We have sent a follow-up email to you for further information as we would love to settle this unexpected situation for you. Please kindly check your mailbox so we can work together to make things right as effectively as possible. Thank you so much!

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Bewerkt 12 juni 2024

Update: They said that "preventing performance cheating is an ongoing challenge" That's ridiculous. I was informed that Shopify team have the blog and the training session about this problem 4 months ago. It is clear that SearchPie is outdated and lazy. SearchPie, if you have the mistake, please don't argue with your customer. This way is showing that your team is unprofessional company.

They are using the FAKE method to optimize my store. They manipulate the results of performance metrics on my store. These services ultimately generate an inaccurate picture of the actual page speed and can put merchants at risk of violating Google policies. The action is unacceptable when charging $300 to optimize. How can Shopify mention them as Built for Shopify tool? Cheater!. I don't recommend this tool.

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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 11 juni 2024

Dear FashionMia team,

Thank you so much for your feedback so we have a chance to address your concerns.

First, achieving the "Built for Shopify" status involves strict compliance with Shopify’s guidelines and standards. SearchPie, from a small team, has undergone rigorous assessments to meet these criteria, ensuring that the tool aligns with Shopify's best practices and provides reliable, quality services. This badge is a mark of trust and quality that you can rely on.

Secondly, preventing performance cheating is an ongoing challenge. Both SearchPie and other speed-up solution providers continuously adapt to these changes. New and vague updates keeps arising despite our best efforts. But you have our words that we will take prompt and strong action on any detected malpractice to keep our customers as far from any harm as possible.

We look forward to working together to ensure your satisfaction.

Best regards,
SearchPie team.

9 juni 2024

This is a terrible app. So expensive and after you sign up even thou you have a membership you have to pay extra for them to go through all your pages, etc . Absolutely ridiculous

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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 10 juni 2024

Thank you for your feedback. Because you were with our app for quite a short time, we were afraid that you might have not taken the fullest advantage of the app. Plus, there are a bunch of promotions to save your budget this summer. So it would be GREAT if you could take a second chance with our team. We are 24/7 online here to help you explore everything efficiently.

Bewerkt 23 juli 2023

STAY WELL CLEAR After leaving a bad review they intentionally switched off something in thier app causing my google ads to show This not the way to deal with customers searchpie .

.................. updated 22 July 2023
So im actually not sure about this app
Over priced , amp options are rudimental very few options to customize . I Feel there are cheaper apps that will do the same thing . They are quick to asking for a review (2min) after intalling the app without having the time to evaluate what the app actually does . They are quick to answer however im not sure if they are 100% accurate in the answers they give . One would have thought that at this price i could just sit back and let the app do its thing but im not seeing a dramitic improvement.... they say my seo score is 96 but when i run speed tests on google its a low 45 ... also at this price you would think everything is included but no.... there are offers of a speed optimization at $R350 . A vip.scan which should come standard with this kind of app at an additional $35 And then a local search option For $350
So the intent is uninstall the app unless they can can show me results will keep u posted

The team is awesome really go out of their way to assisting setting up our seo
Still need time to see the results but so far all good

Partners Hair Design
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 24 juli 2023

Dear Partners Hair Design,

Thank you for sharing your feedback and we apologize for any inconvenience you have had so far.

Regarding your Google Ads problem, please rest assured that our Search Pie app works on Shopify only and does not interfere with or modify your Google Ads. We suspect that there might be some misunderstanding here. We do hope to get a chance to work with you to investigate further. Therefore, we kindly request more details about the issue to assist in figuring it out as best we can.

For other concerns, we have sent a detailed explanation to your email. Kindly check your mailbox so we can work together to address all the problems as effectively as possible.


6 februari 2024

No no no no no

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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 7 februari 2024

Dear BestHavenHub,

Thank you for your feedback. May I ask what problem you encountered in the app that caused you inconvenience?

With your kind cooperation, we will further investigate this and willing to fix all SEO issues as you wish, in earning back your trust in our service.

We did send you a follow-up email about this, please kindly check that in your email inbox. Look forward to hearing from you soonest!

7 oktober 2019

Been using this for a few weeks. No improvement yet to my listing on Google. In fact it got worse. Will give it a go for another week.

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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 26 juli 2021

Hi, Cannasutra. Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with SEO Booster and were having some trouble.

SEO is long-term journey, and I'm afraid to tell you that it can't improve your ranking immediately in just a few weeks. To rank high on Google search pages, it is necessary for you to do both SEO On-site (also our service) and SEO Off-site (building backlinks). I hope this is clear enough to you. So please kindly be patient and let us be your SEO companion. We are working really hard to bring you the best service we have.

And please don't forget to talk to our supporter via the Live chat channel, they are always more than ready to help you out!

Natsu - SEO Booster team

22 september 2020

oh my gosh, DO NOT USE! It erased all of my product photos on my site. Can't get anyone to get back to me.

Two Words One Finger
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9 maanden gebruiken de app
Secomapp heeft geantwoord 23 september 2020

We're very sorry to hear that issues happened to your store. However, SEO Booster app does not have any functions that can delete images from your website. We've also sent you a request to access your store to find out the true cause of this problem. Please check our follow-up email and grant us the access so we can back you up further.

10 januari 2021

i have not used the app yet. just downloaded the app and already got a rate reply. which i canot pass until i have been forced to write in this box

Black Peek-a-Boo
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6 maanden gebruiken de app
Secomapp heeft geantwoord 10 januari 2021

Hello there,
Quick-start is one-time shown for very new customers. It helps you have the first impression of the easy and friendly use of the app.
Besides, with just a few clicks there, some SEO issues from your site have been truly fixed.
Sure, you can skip the review step right on the Quick start. There're buttons for you to do so. It's also shown once so when you refresh or reopen the app, it will not have a chance to bother you at all.