SEO Manager

SEO Manager

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SEO power tool. Rank higher. Get found. Sell more. Manage SEO.

Super charged SEO tool

Includes: SEO scan, meta content tools, keyword suggestions, Google search console connection, search analytics, and so much more.

JSON-LD structured data

Give Google information about your store in a way it understands. SEO Manager helps you rank better and get found in search engines.

Broken link management

Keep your 404 errors under control with SEO Manager. We identify your broken links and automate the fixing process.

SEO Managerの詳細情報

The best way to drive traffic to your store is by being on the front page of Google. Get found in Google with SEO Manager.

SEO Manager makes it easy for you to understand and implement SEO measures that will help your store rank better in search engines.

As a Shopify merchant, you know that getting people to visit your store is important.

Simple to use, this app allows merchants to take control of how search engines see their store, and gives them real time feedback about the success (or failure) of their search engine optimization efforts.

While that is easy to say, it is more difficult to do. Enter SEO ( Search Engine Optimization.) Optimizing your store is as essential to ecommerce success as a baseball bat is to baseball.

With a step-by-step tour that guides you through the app's features, we also offer comprehensive help documents to further your understanding of SEO.

Not only do you have an amazing application at your fingertips, you have resources available written by the leading Shopify SEO experts.

This supercharged SEO app has over 20 features, 15 of which are unique to SEO Manager

  • Edit titles
  • Edit description
  • Keywords field
  • Google result simulator
  • SEO issues scan
  • SEO issues scan suggestions
  • Focus/Keyword suggestions
  • Image ALT text issues scan
  • Title templating
  • Index/No Index
  • Advanced meta settings
  • Google page speed integration
  • Google mobile friendly test
  • Product "unavailable after" meta
  • Redirect on "out of stock"
  • Sitemap management
  • SEO control of tag filtered collections
  • 404 error logging
  • 404 error management
  • 404 error export/import
  • Real-time 404 repairs
  • Google knowledge graph support
  • JSON-LD Data Support
  • Works with Kit
  • Local business structured data
  • Google sitemap submission
  • Integrated Google Search Console analytics
  • Google trends integration


  • Google,
  • Google Search Console,
  • Bing,
  • Kit




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easy to use. helpful ...................................................................................................................................................


I have been using this app for 2 and a half months and all of my previous SEO works gone. I tried to contact the Support team by writing them maybe 4 times but never got any response. They only give e-mail support to which they never reply. I will open a chargeback with my credit card to this application because they are unresponsive and never give support to buyers as I can see for myself. Now I started to replace my previous works back one by one. I have lost my traffic and decreased my visitors due to this application. It does not worth it and My strong recommendation never to pay anything for this application. There are tons of alternatives even they are free. I hope now someone can see my message and contact me. But it is too late because your customer care is zero.



Hi there,

I hope this finds you well.

I have to admit we are quite perplexed by this review- as the only emails we got from you that went unanswered were after our (clearly stated) business hours last night. When you emailed us last night (twice) you got our auto-responder saying we would be back in the office at 8 am PDT. We promptly responded to your email upon our return to the office, but by that time- you had already written this review.

We also communicated with you in November, but all of your emails were answered, and questions were resolved. If there are emails that we are not getting it is imperative that we know.

We at venntov pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and we do have clearly stated business hours, as it is also important that our team gets to rest- which empowers them to always give great service 100% of the time.

Our Direct of Product, Rob, has already reached out with an in-depth email explaining to you why our app does not cause performance delays.

Further, I want to make it clear that it is impossible for SEO Manager to impact your site performance in relation to speed.

When I quickly glanced at your store on desktop and mobile I noticed no less than 4 interstitials (popups) on mobile, and 5 on desktop.

Google has made very clear statements in the past that interstitials negatively impact your site ranking. Furthermore, they have also made it clear that mobile performance is indexed before desktop performance.

Moreover, I was able to do a quick site audit via Lighthouse for your store- and your performance ranking of 13 is never attributed to SEO Manager. You have many performance challenges with your store, but I can assure you that SEO Manager does not contribute to this.

Further, your SEO score of 91 from Lighthouse specifically mentions tap targets as being one of your main challenges. Tap targets relate to interstitials and also impact accessibility. This will negatively impact your ranking and should be rectified as soon as possible.

This is all a very long way of saying, I am sorry that you feel that you had a negative experience, and we hope that you respond to us so we can make this right.

I do want to acknowledge, however, that your emails did not go unanswered, and our app did not negatively impact your site ranking.

Please email back our team ASAP.

All the best,

Rhian Beutler


Substantial support from the team. I have installed it, now I'm waiting for the results. Thanks a lot