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13 oktober 2020

PRO- If you have a lot of photos to resize, This is a good app to use.
CONS-It does not automatically recognize new photos, from a newly listed item, to resize. You have to manually search for the new listing and manually have it resized. There also isn't a way to sort items from new to old or vise versa, which makes it hard to find a new listing. For the amount of money paid for this app, it should have these important features, especially is someone's store has 500+ items for sale.

Nicki Lynn Jewelry
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SpurIT LLC heeft geantwoord 14 oktober 2020

Thanks for your feedback and sorry that you've faced such inconvenience. We tried to contact you via email in order to discuss this case but didn't receive any response yet. Please drop us a line at your convenience.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Bewerkt 28 december 2021

I used this app to help me square up all my images on my site, I also compressed all the images, which made them unusable on the website. I then restored the images. I updated some product photos, ensuring that everything that was changed was square. The app indicated that these images are not square. As a result of the app not indicating if the images are square, you will end up paying for more actions and get bumped up to the top pricing tier for this app.

Dart Shop Manukau
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Bewerkt 6 december 2017

One thing is excellent, customer support, really 7/24, reacting quick, but there are two thing to consider before installing and using the app.

1. The performance of the app. It takes about approx. 30-40 secs to compress-square-rename a picture.
2. The app adds a postfix to every single pictures name. Like apple-iphone-phoneshop-9334456_grande.jpg

Anyhow, I really wish the best to this app and for the team, as the basic idea, offered functionality and the 7/24 livechat support is good, the quality of the app still needs to be improved. I'm sure the team will do the best to make it a much better app, to have even more functionalities!

Sexylife Ch
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Bewerkt 9 juni 2018

A great tool to reduce your images size.
It compressed all the images in one go but sadly all the alt descriptions for images were gone meaning that you have to enter them again...

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