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7 oktober 2017

Great App saved me lots of hours updating alt image tags. Thank you so much!

Super Vapez
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17 oktober 2017

awesome apps, we feel very helpful with this apps

Jaggad Thailand
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9 augustus 2017

This app has saved me a lot of time and stress. When I discovered that Shopify only posts square photos I already had all my products photographed in landscape style. This app quickly and easily added a black or white bar to the top and bottom of my photos. They look great!

Dezigna Purses
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17 juni 2017

Simple to use. Saves hours of work

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25 augustus 2017


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Bewerkt 6 november 2017

Very glad that uses this beautiful and great plugin !
I reduced and made square all images on my store with over 10 thousands images !
I'm really satisfied!

Thank you so much for great app !!!

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22 november 2020

I have used this app for a few years to resize, square and optimize over 3000 Product images and it has performed without a hick-up the entire duration. I highly recomend that anyone wanting Image compression and resising This is the app to use!! Franz - AbsoluteSkin.

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SpurIT LLC heeft geantwoord 26 november 2020

Thanks so much! Your feedback is highly appreciated :)

26 augustus 2017

Works great - no issues. Thanks for the great app

Artitude Decor
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13 maart 2018

This SEO Optimizer application is a MUST HAVE if you own and operate a Shopify store. If you do not use this app then your site will be sluggish and slow. This means that people will NOT stay or come back to your store.

Today, NO CUSTOMER puts up with a slow running site. The thing is that ALL of our shopify stores have a HUGE amount of IMAGES> This is because most of the products that we import into our store come with 5-10 additional images. Images help to sell our products because customers want to see as much of the product as they can before they buy it. They want to know what they are buying. Therefore when we import a product we are adding ALL of the images that come with the product from the supplier.

Therefore, our sites are automatically slower and sluggish to loan than other sites because of the thousands of images.

It only makes sense and is IMPERATIVE that you optimize all images. This app does all of that for you and then some. Its well worth having if you want repeat customers !

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30 augustus 2017

Cool App! Easy to use and works great! A must have!

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