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Keywords Rank Tracking, Reporting and Awesome Analytics

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Ranking and Reporting

SEOKart provides you rankings and reporting up to 25 keywords on weekly or monthly basis. The report will have all the important figures.

Awesome Analytics

Analytics which you do not want to miss. You will love the way we present your store's performance in the dashboard.

Ask an Expert

You have 100s of questions and there are millions of websites confusing you. Ask us and we will answer them and guide you for no cost.

Sobre SEOKart

How SEOKart App can Help My Store?

It's a very simple app which tells you about your store's SEO performance by tracking the keywords positions on Google and emails you a weekly/monthly report. SEOKart also tells you about your competitors' performance so you can always keep a check on them as well.

You can also look at an awesome and easy to understand graph just by connecting Google Analytics. The whole setup won't need more than 2 minutes of your time.

Why SEOKart?

  • Track Ranking/Position up to 25 Keywords
  • Weekly/Monthly Reporting to your email
  • Alexa Rank Tracking
  • Competitors Rank Tracking
  • Awesome Dashboard and Analytics to give a clear picture (You will love it!)
  • Alerts which you can't miss (coming soon)
  • Ask an Expert - Free SEO Consultancy - Exclusive for you!

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5.0 de 5 estrelas

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Vintage and Antique Gifts

This app does everything I want it to do. Most things in the app are automated and are very easy to use. Customer support is very responsive and helpful. They will be releasing paid plans soon and as long as they don't miss the price point for small businesses when this happens and keeps it affordable to us all I see no reason for me to ever have to update this review nor stop using their service.


good app,I like it and the service is very good,it help you add more key words to your shop and make it better.

Aftya Deals

nice support very friendly , from all the seo app i used they are the best, use it don't think twice