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21. marraskuu 2023

This app was only OK.

it did provide a lot of useful information on the order, but forget about relying on it for useful automated fraud protection is not possible. you still have to babysit it.

It maybe saved us 1-2 chargebacks a month, but it was wrong just as often as it was right

now they raised the price to $600month??

doesnt make sense to pay $600 to save maybe 1or 2 $45 chargeback a month

PrintChecks Pro
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SEON Technologies Ltd. vastasi 27. marraskuu 2023

Thank you for the review!

We offer an enterprise-grade tool with unlimited flexibility and customization to enable merchants to tailor the setup to best fit their needs and every unique risk pattern. In some cases, stores don't need the level of service and possibilities SEON offers. Automation is key, we help huge fraud teams cut back on their manual review time, by enabling them to create an unlimited number of custom rules for any pattern, behavior detection, and automation they prefer.

If you need help with the customization we advise you to reach out to our support team and they'll be happy to assist you.

SEON Team 👊

6. tammikuu 2024

Would not recommend. Fraudulent transactions still slip by this app. And they don't insure orders or provide any guarantees, so our business is still on the hook for fraudulent orders and chargebacks. As a result, we were still needing to manually review every transaction, defeating the whole point of needing the app. The app was costing us each month and we were still doing the work the app was meant to do for us.

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8. helmikuu 2022

Very helpful the support today verifying few topics related to the app. After being clear we have moved forward with the free plan service for now. As new here, we believe all will be great and peaceful for our Business having SEON. Fraud Fighters. Thank you,

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SEON Technologies Ltd. vastasi 9. helmikuu 2022

Hey Martin, thank you for the awesome review, we highly appreciate your feedback! We're always happy to assist and provide the best support possible.

Our goal is to help merchants fight fraud and we believe great support is a must for the best experience.

We're happy to help on this journey and protect you! 👊

22. huhtikuu 2022

SEON. Fraud Prevention has helped us screen orders for fraud more quickly and effectively than other apps that we've used. I highly recommend trying this app.

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SEON Technologies Ltd. vastasi 22. huhtikuu 2022

Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate it!

Let's fight fraud together! 👊

10. tammikuu 2022

Great support. Walking through the app with a member of the support team helped us understand the meaning of the fraud level associated with each order. The app is customizable in that you can set your own comfort level to flag fraud. You can also choose to have SEON automatically decline orders that are flagged as fraudulent. We chose not to do this since we prefer to review the orders ourselves. This is not fraud insurance. It helps you identify fraudulent orders on top of what Shopify's platform offers.

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SEON Technologies Ltd. vastasi 10. tammikuu 2022

Thank you for the great feedback, it's highly appreciated! We are happy to help and support you anytime, making sure your business stays protected.

16. helmikuu 2022

Just the best app support on all Shopify Market. Walter was with me for any support I required and also consult me due to security system

Hongkong – Kiinan erityishallintoalue
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SEON Technologies Ltd. vastasi 16. helmikuu 2022

Thanks for the great feedback! You're right, we aim to provide the best support experience. I'm always happy to help. 👊


7. lokakuu 2022

We run a store where we have online orders and subscriptions managed by Recharge as well as offline orders and subscriptions that are imported into Shopify via a custom Recharge API integration. As a result, we have to utilize a non-shopify payment processor ( That put us at a much higher risk of fraud and we were seeing waves of fraud until we installed the SEON app. After a short learning curve, we were able to block every fraudulent order attempt using SEON, which removed a large headache for us. To make things better, you can change weighting or turn off well over a hundred different indicators to fit your specific needs if you have more complex business needs like we have. They are also really good guys and are available to help tweak your settings to make sure your filters are dialed in. Highly recommend.

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SEON Technologies Ltd. vastasi 7. lokakuu 2022

Thank you for the detailed feedback. So great to see you highlighting the robust flexibility SEON has, it's been a big priority of ours. 😍

Whenever you need help, our awesome team will be here and happy to help. We'll fight fraud together! 👊

30. kesäkuu 2022

I installed Seon to protect my business from fraudulent transactions. Walter was very helpful, not once but twice. Both times I had questions he not only answered them, and fixed them for me he also showed me where to look. It is reassuring to know that someone is there to help if one is unsure.

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SEON Technologies Ltd. vastasi 30. kesäkuu 2022

Thank you for the feedback, it's highly appreciated! 😍

We know fraud prevention could be scary for someone outside of this industry (it shouldn't be), but we believe everyone should stay protected.

Our product is designed with this in mind, to offer a robust system with a seamless experience for merchants. An awesome team is also here to help and offer customization recommendations.

Let's fight fraud together! 👊

29. kesäkuu 2022

Realmente no me he dado cuenta de lo "desprotegido" que estaba hasta que he tenido dos fraudes con tarjeta en la misma semana. Esta aplicación te brinda mucha información para poder evaluar si la compra se trata de una compra real o un fraude. SEON te añadirá en cada compra una etiqueta de riesgo y si aprueba o deniega la compra puediendo escoger que lo haga de forma automática o interactuar tu de forma manual. Las tarifas de precio son muy razonables y el servicio técnico es fabuloso. El primer día de uso hablé con un técnico (Walter) y me dió una serie de consejos muy útiles. Realmente no podría estar más contento y ahora me siento mucho más seguro a la hora de enviar productos puesto que tengo una información y un análisis muy valioso que me hacen estar mucho más tranquilo. Muy recomendable!!!!!

Corseteria Lita
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SEON Technologies Ltd. vastasi 30. kesäkuu 2022

¡Muchas gracias por la revisión detallada! Apreciamos mucho sus comentarios. 😍

¡Lucharemos contra el fraude juntos! 👊


16. marraskuu 2022

Very detailed and configurable. Provides checks that I never thought possible. An indispensable tool.

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SEON Technologies Ltd. vastasi 16. marraskuu 2022

Thank you for the review, it's well appreciated. 😍

Flexibility is key, we want to make sure everyone can perfectly tailor the system to their own business needs. Please reach out to our team anytime you need assistance.

We'll fight fraud together! 👊